#BookReview: Venus Rising by Celia Kennedy

Reviewer: Annie

venus risingI received a copy in exchange for an honest review

What an amazingly written love story; not only about romantic partners, but love of family, friends, food and places to call home/visit.  This story is splendid in culture, colors, tastes and feels.  Celia Kennedy weaves a tapestry of the lives of two very hurt individuals.  And, it is beautiful.

It was fabulous reading this story to see what was uncovered.  Often, the stories I love the most, are the hardest to review; because I want to be sure I write the review well enough that you will want to read it. HA.  So, that is my plan here…Read this story.

Celia Kennedy writes of Akshaya Bertrand and Jared Harrison who meet while working at a college in Massachusetts.  Akshaya is an Art History professor and Jared is hired as a Guest Lecturer at the school.  Jared is a self-professed Nomad.  He traveled the Middle East as a journalist and writer, and has seen horrific things, and one that had a very personal effect on him.  Akshaya’s personal story is just as interestingly told.  Both characters could have each been their own book!  That is why I was enraptured by them being shared in the same story, walking the same path.

Akshaya and Jared have emotional traumas to deal with, yet they are falling in love with one another at the same time.  They need to learn how to live with or move on from these “pent-up” feelings.  Only then would know if they can still be capable of a long term and intimate relationship.  Both have a lot of ground to cover if they want to get to one another, as a couple.

The question is: Can they?

Jared was to write another novel. He asks Akshaya to co-author, because he wants to write a book about “Art in a war-torn part of the world”.  This opportunity could be their saving grace, as a trip to India and Afghanistan could have them re-write their very own personal story.

This trip may provide them the healing they have needed for so long.

I was in love with this story, and in love with both Akshaya and Jared.  I challenge you not to do the same!!

5 Stars

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