#BookReview: You Tell Your Dog First by Alison Pace

Reviewer: Samantha

you tell your dog firstI received a review copy


You Tell Your Dog First…

About the date you just had…about the questionable results of a medical test…about the good and the bad…about everything.

For years, award-winning author Alison Pace was a dog person without a dog. And then, she got Carlie—a feisty and fluffy West Highland white terrier. She could weed out bad boyfriends with a sniff of her button-black nose and win the hearts of lifelong friends with an adoring gaze. Suddenly, Alison had a constant companion and confidante, who went with her on long morning rambles in Central Park, on trips to the country and the beach, and on her search for inner peace, love, and happiness. Through Carlie, Alison found herself connected to the world as never before.

With her trademark warmth, wit and humor, Alison shares her stories…the tales of a dog person who found her dog.


You guys. If you follow me on social media, it has to be obvious that I was going to want to read this book. I have a dog, a Vizsla named Aries, and she is my best friend and brings me such joy. I share her pictures all the time and I’m always talking about her latest antics. When I saw this book, I just thought YES! I get it. I tell my dog first about a lot of things, because it’s me and her all day at home. I don’t care if that makes me crazy. She makes me happy, and that’s all I care about!

I have read other Alison Pace books before, and most of them revolve around dogs. I didn’t realize when I picked this up that it’s actually non-fiction. Alison has a forward and she talks about how she got inspired to write this book and how it was about her life and her journey with dogs.

Now, with that being said, the beginning was very slow to me. As we’re getting her back story on all the dogs she had owned, I didn’t really understand what was going on or why it was needed. But, after she moved to New York City and finally, finally got a dog of her own, I started to fall in love with the book. If you’re a dog owner or maybe even a pet owner, you might understand certain parts. Like when she meets another dog of the same breed, and her and the owner bond, like they are in the own special club. I’ve actually shared a blog post on my author blog about that exact same thing. And the moment Alison realized she was a “crazy dog lady” – I’ve been there! I remember that moment happening too. So after the slow beginning, I ended up loving this book. Dog owners, you need to read this, and I’m sure plenty of others can enjoy it too!

4 stars

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