#BookReview: You’ll Find Me in Manhattan by Jill Knapp

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

youll find me in manhattanSummary:

The third and final book in Jill Knapp’s series about love and romance in New York City. Follow Amalia Hastings as she dates her way around the city that never sleeps…

Amalia and Olivia have found themselves at a crossroads. Their last year in their Master’s program at NYU is proving to be a trying one, and on top of that, Olivia has to balance planning a wedding AND managing the unwanted input of her estranged mother – who doesn’t even like her fiancé!

Meanwhile, Amalia finds herself feeling more lost than ever as graduation approaches and her classmates begin making plans for next year. Still torn between Michael and Hayden, she finally makes a decision – but one that that will either box her in, leaving her always wanting more out of life, or finally breaking free to find the happiness and stability she’s always needed.


I have been having a great time reading this chick lit series from Jill Knapp and was looking forward to reading the final installment and seeing how the characters and their journeys get wrapped up. It was easy to slip back into their stories, and Amalia and Olivia quickly became my friends again. It was so interesting to see the Michael/Hayden story continue to play out, and I was sooo happy with how that ended! There are a lot of great moments in here, and I actually shared a photo on Instagram of one of the lines in here regarding friendship because it resonated so deeply with me. Great little series for chick lit fans!

4 stars

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