#BookReview: Your No Fear Career by Robin Fisher Roffer

your no fear careerAbout the Book


Business can be alluring, but like the jellyfish it can also sting. There are demanding clients, bosses who bully, conniving competitors, impossible deadlines, advancing technology and people who play politics. It seems that fear, mistrust, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed run through the veins of business leaders at every level.

Running on a hamster wheel, we try to find our place in the fastest changing market the world has ever known. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the ability to thrive on change, so we go around and around until we become irrelevant and get discarded. The courageous among us don’t ask “Why is this happening to me?” They declare, “This is happening for me!”


In her fourth book, Robin Fisher Roffer teaches readers through personal stories how to navigate their career fearlessly, push through adversity and shed what no longer works. Whether you are in fashion or dentistry, an artist or a CEO, Roffer’s proven tools clarify your true purpose and empower you to set goals that will transform your career, and your life.

My Review

I have been trying to read more career-oriented books as of lately, to help learn, be motivated and possibly expand my horizons. Sometimes these books don’t quite resonate with me the way I want them to, because I am solely self-employed and these lean more for the corporate lifestyle, in my opinion. Your No Fear Career was that way for me, but I still found interesting tidbits and shared more of the corporate talk with my husband, who could benefit from those. I liked the way the book was written and laid out and it was a quick read, I just found only a few sections that were for me.

3 stars


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