#NovelSpotlight: Six Tinder Weeks by Bena Roberts

About the Book
Forty-something scientist Helen leaves her husband after twenty
uninspired years of marriage. Plagued with making the wrong decisions she looks
towards holistic therapy and the universe to guide her choices. She meets
hairdresser Alex and takes his advice to download the dating app SPRK.
Helen embarks on a voyage of self-discovery, paganism, hedonism
and desire. What could go wrong? Well for one secret agent CJ is convinced that
Helen is part of a notorious Romanian smuggling gang.
Six Tinder weeks is not the usual romantic novel; it is
realistic fiction full of twists, turns that will make you laugh out loud. If
you like something different, then you will enjoy this Pandora’s box of love,
action and the unexpected.
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Bena is an expat British woman living with her family in
Germany. She was a journalist, blogger and analyst as well as CEO of quite a
few geeky companies. She is a bookworm, gym bunny and partial to dry Italian
red wine.


Bena’s passion for writing began as a child in the cosy
corner of her parent’s bookshop in London. She grew up reading Sidney Sheldon,
Judy Blume and Marian Keyes.  Six Tinder Weeks is her debut novel and is
realistic fiction that will appeal to women, mums and especially those just


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the christmas surpriseThe Christmas Surprise: A Holiday Novella

Juliette Mabry is a happily married stay-at-home wife and mother…until there appears to be trouble brewing in her nearly ten-year marriage. Juliette takes it upon herself to find out if her husband is up to no good, but does she want to know the truth? Everything is revealed on Christmas, and Juliette is in for her biggest Christmas surprise.

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defining her samantha marchDefining Her

Nellie Hawthorne is a woman who has it all. A devoted husband, her own business, a wealthy lifestyle. But the Nellie she is now is much different from her past. A past filled with abuse, addiction, and men. Nellie’s carefully constructed new life is suddenly in jeopardy when a blast from the past emerges in her small town and her overbearing mother-in-law starts pushing for grandchildren and questions start being asked. A budding new friendship presents itself at an opportune time, and a once friendless Nellie finds herself growing closer to Prue Doherty.
Prue Doherty is the quintessential good girl. Always making the right decisions, always playing it safe. Until she meets a man that could change all of that. Still reeling from a devastating breakup and betrayal that had her fleeing from Chicago and settling into suburb life with her mom close by, Prue finds herself in a damaging funk. But everything changes when she befriends Nellie Hawthorne.
Nellie is trying to escape her past. Prue wants that perfect future. While both women strive to change their lives, they continue to cling to the past. But what defines us? Who we were then . . . or who we are trying to be now? Lies, manipulation, and deceit are woven throughout the pages of this edgy women’s fiction novel, with an ending you won’t see coming.

This novel contains adult content, graphic language and disturbing situations.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2eHIK3O

a questionable friendshipA Questionable Friendship

Brynne Ropert and Portland Dolish have been best friends since being paired as roommates in college. Seven years later they are now twenty-five, married, and living in Maine–– but the two women couldn’t be more different. Brynne finds fulfillment in her life as a wife, mother and owner of a small café and bookshop, but is struggling to expand her family. Portland is still coping with her mother’s death during her childhood, and her marriage is unraveling before her eyes. Portland envies her friend’s seemingly stable and easy life while Brynne doesn’t understand the growing distance between them and cannot begin to guess what secret Portland is hiding about her husband and crumbling marriage. While one woman feels shut out, the other enters into a web of lies to protect herself.

A Questionable Friendship explores what really makes someone a true friend, a support system, a sister. How much trust goes into a friendship and when is being a friend not enough? Brynne and Portland’s story will attempt to answer those questions, and show that happily ever after isn’t in the cards for everyone.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gX0clg

Up To I DoUp To I Do

Emerson Sinclair, twenty-seven year old hotel heiress, has said yes. With just over a year to plan her extravagant, over the top nuptials to Logan Worthington, it’s all hands on deck with the wedding plans. A Sinclair marrying into the Worthington family is the talk of their small New Hampshire town, and ideas include filming the wedding for a TV segment. But as the items get checked off the list, plans start to go … not as planned. From not getting a designer dress to a selfish bridesmaid and unaccountable best man, Emerson is afraid her wedding will be more a joke than anything.
When both her mother and sister seemingly begin to lose interest in her wedding plans in favor of their own personal lives, Emerson fears her big day will turn into the forgotten wedding. With the pressure to pull off a beautiful and elegant event that everyone expects from their respectable families, Emerson starts to forget the reason why she is saying I Do in the first place.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2utazka

destined to fail new cover1Destined To Fail

Jasmine Jones is ready to begin her new life as a college student, and is ecstatic to have best friend Abby by her side. But weeks into their new college life, Abby drops the bomb- she is pregnant, and dropping out of college. Jasmine can’t handle the fact that Abby is wasting her opportunity to get an education, and going back to her cheating, abusive boyfriend. She struggles to move on from her friendship with Abby, and befriends two new girls at college- Kiley and Cari. Everything seems back on track for Jasmine- great new friendships and roommates, a strong relationship with boyfriend Nate, and excelling at her college courses. But Jasmine’s newfound happiness is shattered when her pregnancy test comes out positive. Does she have to drop out of college now and become a young mother? Will Nate stay with her? How can she afford a child? Jasmine’s life has been filled with obstacles and challenges along the way- from a missing father, sexual and physical abuse, and addictions that tore her family apart. With this latest setback, Jasmine fears her life will always be a struggle. Destined to Fail is one woman’s story about overcoming adversity in life, about taking the negatives and finding a positive, and about never giving up hope.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2usRGOf

the green ticketThe Green Ticket

College junior Alex Abrams scores her dream job at the ripe age of twenty – manager to a successful salon and spa. Thrilled to finally have a real adult job, Alex enthusiastically jumps into the world of schedules, conference calls, and getting a massage when interviewing prospective employees. What she doesn’t expect are the very grown-up issues that comes with a demanding boss. Kevin Dohlman quickly becomes Alex’s worse nightmare – covering up his affairs, dealing with his enormous ego, and trying to protect her female staff from him becomes a full-time job in its own right. Alex has also befriended Kevin’s wife and co-owner, Dani, and is trying to keep Kevin’s secrets hidden from her. The situation only worsens when Kevin starts paying Alex off to make sure she keeps her insider knowledge to herself.

While struggling to keep her wits and stay happy with her new grown-up job, Alex is juggling college courses, a new love interest, and keeping up with her close group of girlfriends. When her roommate and best friend Lila gets offered an opportunity to move to Los Angeles and sign with an agent, Alex realizes her life truly is changing, and everyone around her – including herself ¬¬–– is growing up. Knowing she is faced with some hard decisions ahead, Alex struggles with keeping her job at Blissful. But does she really want to throw away what she dreamed of as a career – or will the secret-keeping for Kevin become too much to handle? The Green Ticket is a story about morals versus money, and how one young woman navigates the shaky line between the two.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2vBhAPO

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#BookBlitz & Free Download! Maybe This Time by Claire Yezbak Fadden

About the Book

Kate Jameson has sworn off men. That is until she meets Eric, the handsome son
of her current client. Fresh out of a messy relationship with a co-worker,
Kate’s not ready to trust her judgement where men are concerned. She dodges
Eric’s advances, but can’t deny the attraction growing between them.
Everything–especially his soul-searing brown eyes–makes her want to throw
caution to the wind and try again. At her sister’s prodding, Kate finally
agrees to date Eric, surprised at the joy he brings into her life. But when
their budding romance is threatened, Kate is forced to make hard decisions and
fight for her true happiness.
CIA agent Eric Wiley has survived enough loss in his life to ever want to risk
being hurt again. He has long since given up on true love. Still, he’s drawn to
Kate in a way he can’t rationalize. Avoiding her isn’t working and for the
first time in a relationship, he wants to be truthful about his past and his
career. Before their romance can bloom, however, Kate goes missing. Recognizing
the danger, Eric stops at nothing to rescue the woman who has captured his
About the Author
she’s not playing with her granddaughter, Pennsylvania native Claire Yezbak
Fadden is writing contemporary women’s fiction. Her books feature strong women
who overcome life’s challenges, always putting their families first. Claire
loves butterflies, ladybugs and holds a special affinity for carousel horses –
quite possibly the result of watching “Mary Poppins” 13 times as a young girl.
Claire loves to cheer on the San
Diego State Aztecs, her alma mater, and is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates,
Steelers and Penguins. The mother of three, she lives in Orange County,
California with her husband, Nick and two spoiled dogs, Bandit and Jersey Girl.
Claire’s work as an award-winning journalist, humor columnist and editor has
appeared in 100 publications across the United States, Canada and Australia.
Maybe This

is a continuation of her Begin Again series, starting with her debut novel,
A Corner of
Her Heart
 Follow Claire @claireflaire, email her at claire@clairefadden.com, join her Facebook Fan

or visit her at clairefadden.com.
 Participating Blogs
 Kate walked faster, but Colleen stopped.
“There’s a guy back there waving at you. Kinda nice looking. Now he’s coming
our way.” Colleen smiled as though inviting him to come closer.
“Don’t encourage him,” Kate said.
“Too late. Here he is.” Colleen
made a sweeping motion as though she were a hostess on a game show introducing
today’s prizes.
Oh God, his eyes are browner than I remember.
“Kate, I’m glad I caught you,”
Eric said. “Sorry I missed you on the phone. I got back into town early.”
“I see that,” Kate muttered, her
icy tone coating each word. Not going through this drama again. Crazy guy.
Multiple girlfriends. Bad endings.
“I’m Eric Wiley,” he said,
offering his hand for Colleen to shake before returning his attention to Kate.
“So maybe we can set up that
coffee date. There’s a great little place a couple of doors down.”
“I know. Colleen and I just had
coffee there.”
“And scones,” Colleen chimed in,
handing Kate her bag of leftovers. “I’ve got to get going. I have class in
thirty minutes.”
“Teacher or student?” Eric asked.
“Yoga instructor.”
“Nice. Maybe I can take your class
sometime. It’s not that sweaty yoga, is it?”
“No, it’s more of a flow class.
Kate can tell you all about it.” Colleen tapped Kate on the shoulder. “I’ll see
you later,” she said before scurrying toward the yoga studio.
“I like your friend,” Eric said
gesturing to Colleen’s back.
“She’s pretty terrific. We met in
her class. Used to be a cop.” Kate wanted to run away, but her feet grounded
into the earth as though an alien force rooted them in place. All the small
talk didn’t comfort her. Minutes before this guy was kissing another woman, and
now he was flirting with her. Was there no end to his nerve?
“Now that’s really switching
career paths,” Eric said. “I consider doing that sometimes.”
“And leave the family business for
what? I don’t see that happening.” You’re such a privileged mama’s boy, Kate
wanted to say, but didn’t. Truth was during their earlier interactions, Eric
didn’t strike her as someone who life had been easy on. It was obvious his
parents leaned on his judgment. Eric presented himself as a self-made man,
working for what success came his way. Still, he was hiding something she
couldn’t quite put her finger on.
Granted with business-owner
parents, his path may have been smoother than many. Even if your folks set you
up, you’re the one who has to walk that path. Kate knew lots of privileged
folks who took the benefits they were born into and managed to drink, gamble or
in some other way squander their advantage, as though opportunity was an
all-you-can-eat buffet. Made a bad choice, no problem. Just get a clean plate
and try again. The sports pages and movie magazines were filled with celebrity
examples. A couple of Kate’s sorority sisters were still trying to find
themselves. That’s what they claimed at the last reunion.
“You’d be surprised. I can tell
you more about my future plans over a hot mocha.”
Kate readjusted her purse strap
and leaned away. “Thanks for the invite, but I need to get to work. We’re
already brainstorming the next complex. Proposal is due in two weeks.”
“Yeah, I know. We talked about
your innovative ideas. I thought they were great. You’re great.” Eric licked
his lips and stepped closer. “Seems to me like we connected, at least a little
bit, but if you’re not interested, just say so. You don’t have to go through
not answering my calls and giving me the brush off. Just be honest. It will
save us both a lot of time.”
Kate shoved her paper pastry bag
in her coat pocket and crossed her arms. “Honesty? Is that the most important
value to you, because I believe in always telling the truth. I always tell the
“And you’re suggesting I don’t?”
Eric’s nostrils flared with anger, causing Kate to step back. “We are standing
in the street arguing about I don’t know what. Do you want to have a cup of
coffee with me or not? It’s just that simple.”
“Not until you answer a question
first.” Kate straightened to her full five-foot-six height. “Who were you
kissing a moment ago?”
“Kissing? What are you talking
“Near the cab. The woman who
kissed you. Who is she? You’re an only child, so I know that wasn’t your
sister. A cousin, maybe?” Kate huffed.
Eric’s eyes widened.
Is this how he stalls for time,
cooking up a lie, Kate thought. This should be really good. She waited, even
tapped the toe of her boot a time or two. “Well?”
“Like I said on my call, business
ended early. I grabbed a cab with a coworker. End of story.”


“Not quite. Here comes your
coworker, and she looks ticked.”