Beauty Review: #Olay28Day Challenge


For the past 28 days, I have been taking on a skincare challenge with one of my favorite – and OG!- brands, Olay. In today’s post, I’ll be reviewing each of the two products that I’ve been testing and sharing my experience with using them. Thank you to @Olay for sponsoring this blog post, and allowing me to work with them on the #Olay28Day Challenge!

20171011_111607The first product I’ve been testing is the Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with SPF. I am big fan of moisturizer, and this is a skincare step I never skip. This is a great moisturizer to use in the morning, as it does contain sunscreen and protecting skin is definitely key. I enjoyed that while this does contain sunscreen, it doesn’t smell, feel or apply like a sunscreen. Some moisturizers I’ve tried in the past that contain SPF are hard to blend on the face, feel too thick, and also have a heavy fragrance. I liked the easy to use pump, plus the instant hydration after using without a greasy look or feeling. This anti-aging moisturizer has been a fabulous addition to my skincare routine, and I will continually use each morning and would recommend.

20171011_111645The second product I have been testing became an instant favorite of mine. Another item I don’t skip in my skincare routine is some sort of eye cream. When I was researching the Olay Eyes Deep Hydrating Eye Gel, I was immediately drawn to the words hyaluronic acid. This is an ingredient that I’m always trying to work into my skincare, so I instantly got excited to see that. I love the cooling effect of the eye gel and it’s packed with ingredients such as peptides and cucumber extract to instantly revive the under eye area and provide hydration. I use this both morning and evening, and a little goes a long way, making this a great value. I love instant gratification, and I get that with this product, in both a lift in the under eye area and how it makes the skin feel.

Overall, I have been extremely happy with both of these products, and will continue my daily use even after my 28 Day challenge has come to an end. They are both easy to use and have a travel convenience factor, which is important to me. A good skincare routine is crucial, and I love that Olay can simplify my routine but keep is so effective.  I encourage you to take the 28 Day challenge so you can see the results for yourself! To make it easy, you can visit the Olay Skin Advisor to help find out what regimen and products are right for you. The best part is that Olay is easily accessible, can be found at local drugstores, and has an affordable price point.  You can find more information here:



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Author Interview: Sara Goff

sara goffCan you describe I Always Cry at Weddings  in a tweet (140 characters or less)?

>>A month till ‘happily ever after’ Ava realizes she’s met everyone’s expectations but her own & ventures out to find herself in NYC #CryatWeddings #ForLoveAndCourage

What are your favorite genres to read?

>>I grew up reading British and American classics. (My mother was my high school English teacher.) So, romance to me was the likes of Wuthering HeightsGreat Expectations, and Little Women. You would’ve thought I’d end up writing historical novels, but starting in my twenties, I switched to reading contemporary fiction. In both my reading and my writing, I’m more issue-focused than I am a romantic. Romance shapes everyone’s life in one way or another, and that comes through in my writing, but I prefer to explore the challenges we face in today’s world and the decisions we make.

How important do you think social media is for authors these days?

>>Social media is critical to authors, and it would take a concerted effort to try and avoid it. My approach is to choose one or two avenues that work best in my network of friends and readers, and dedicate my time, maybe an hour a day, to building up those particular platforms. For example, most of my followers are on Facebook and Twitter. I like Instagram, but that’s more for fun. I only blog for my charity, Lift the Lid, Inc., and I’m real shy about sending mass emails, although that’s something I’d like to get over.

Where do you complete most of your writing? Any certain time of day that you prefer?

>>Where do I complete most of my writing? Ha! Anywhere and everywhere. When I lived in Manhattan for 16 years, I didn’t have children, so my writing looked a little more typical: at a desk in my ninth-floor apartment, where I had views of the historical Charities Building and a French charter school across the way.

Since then I’ve written on the floor of a cabin in Stockholm’s archipelago, my dog and newborn son playing beside me. In London, I ventured out to cafés in Notting Hill and Kensington. Now living in Connecticut, with two boys, ages three and eight, I write standing up in the kitchen, late at night in bed, or wherever I happen to be waiting for them to finish school, sports, and their music lessons. I’ve learned to be flexible and to take whatever hour I can grab.

Are you currently working on another novel?

>>I’m working on the sequel to I Always Cry at Weddings, mostly because my readers, friends and family insisted that I keep going with Ava Larson’s story. Since I Always Cry at Weddings was published in September of 2015, I’ve moved four times. That’s right, four times in two years, from London back to Manhattan, and then three times in Connecticut, finally landing in Westport. Moving is not conducive to writing, or getting anything accomplished other than unpacking…but now that I’m more or less settled down, I’ve been able to pick up the pace on book two.

I will say, the second book feels very different from the first. Ava is four years older and in a totally different phase of life, devoted to teaching dance. I think we all know how much our lives/outlooks/priorities can change from one phase to the next. Ava does not yet have children, nor is she married, which is a source of frustration, but she’s moving in that direction as she finds an alternative path to starting a family.

i always cry at weddingsAbout I Always Cry at Weddings

Ava Larson is going to bring all the other brides to tears.

Engaged to a wealthy NYC socialite’s son, Ava is ready to set the city abuzz with her glamorous wedding. At least until she realizes her relationship isn’t what it should be. Then, in a move as daring as a red satin dress, she does the unthinkable–she calls it all off and makes a promise to God that from now on, she’ll save sex for marriage.

She’s convinced the future is hers for the taking, especially when an undercover cop promises a new romance…and an unexpected friendship with the homeless guy under her stoop brightens her days.

But when her carefully balanced life teeters out of control, weddings aren’t the only thing to make her cry. Ava has to figure out what life she really wants to live…and what in the world love really means.

#CoverReveal: Always With You by Hannah Ellis

always with you“Always With You” blurb:

A mother who kept a secret for more than twenty years. A daughter intent on finding the truth…

In 1994, twenty-one-year-old Evelyn Taylor left England to backpack around Australia. When she stopped off in the dusty outback town of Kununurra, she never expected to fall in love with the place – and the people. But Joe Sullivan captured her heart, and when her fun-filled year in Australia came to an end, saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

In 2017, Evelyn’s daughter, Libby, embarks on her own Australian adventure. Grief-stricken following her mother’s death, she’s determined to find the father she never met.

Little does she know that digging up the past will be more complicated than she ever imagined.

Author bio:

Hannah Ellis lives in Munich with her husband and two little boys. She’s originally from England and has also lived in America, Australia and Ireland. As well as writing, she also teaches English to kindergarten kids. In her spare time she likes to read books, drink tea and eat chocolate. She goes jogging regularly but hasn’t decided if she really enjoys it or not. She’s a huge fan of sunny days and loves visiting the many Munich beer gardens.

hannah ellis**Contact Links: