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Reviewer: Samantha

miss spelledI received a review copy


Magic realism mixes with romantic comedy in this new novel from Sarah Belle about the dangers of internet shopping – and using magic to solve real world problems.

Lou’s life is perfect. She loves her job, her renovated house, and most of all, her gorgeous fiancé, Aidan. But when her old flame and Aidan’s school yard nemesis turn out to be the same person, Hunter Wincott, Lou’s life is blown apart. She must divulge her secret past, or have Hunter give it away. Either way, she runs the real risk of losing Aidan.

In desperation, she turns to Google. A quick search turns up Majique, the Internet Witch, and a spell that will delete herself from Hunter’s memory. But something goes wrong in the casting process, and Lou deletes much more than just a memory. She deletes herself from her life completely.

Luckily, there’s a one-week window for Lou to get back to the life she loved. One week to win back Aidan, before he walks down the aisle with the wrong woman, and damns everyone to a lifetime of misery. It would be easy, if only Aidan had any idea who Lou actually is.


This book just makes me want to say one word, a bunch of times: Yes, Yes, Yes! I loved it! This book is so my personality and spot-on what I love to read. I’m determined to one day write a book just like this, and I will most definitely be reading this again whenever that day comes. I love a sprinkle of magic in my books – not a full-fledged other world or people with powers, but just a small dose of stretching the imagination. What I probably loved most was that I had no idea how this was going to end up and  I couldn’t stop reading until I found out. A new one of the Favorites list!

5 stars

sarah belleAbout Sarah:

Sarah Belle started her professional life in the hospitality industry, working in some of the roughest hotels in Melbourne in the late Eighties, surrounded by drug dealers, prostitutes, pimps, and undercover police. Tiring of the inherent dangers of her working environment, Sarah completed a business degree and went on to work in the recruitment industry and the Department of Defence, where she met and married the man of her dreams: a dashing, Army Blackhawk pilot. 
They have four young sons and live on the beautiful Queensland coast, where Sarah's days are spent being a frazzled mum, writer, Bikram Yoga devotee and the only woman in a house of five males.
Sarah is a proud member of the Romance Writers of Australia and the Australian Romance Readers Association. She is also an RWA volunteer and writes the Author Spotlight for the RWA Blog.
Find Sarah:
Twitter: @SarahBelle44

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  1. November 20, 2014 / 10:26 am

    This sounds like a really good book. Would love to get the chance to read it.

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