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EnlightenedI received a review copy


Continuing where Essence, Book 1, EVE series ended, the barrier between Jocelyn Timmons consciousness continues to dissolve as she better understands the two lives she lives and enormity of her newly discovered inherited gift of EVE (Essence Voyager Era) which allows her to fall asleep on one plane of existence and awaken on another as her soul travels nightly. 

In Enlightened, Book 2, present-day Jocelyn uncovers the vast wonderment of the Victorian era but soon learns that life then was not as grand for women as she has read in the classics. Still, she finds comfort in the support of family and friends; a bolstering contrast to her overly hectic, career-oriented family in the twenty-first century. Her love for Jackson Chandler strengthens across time and becomes the light she so desperately needs as the world she has always known no longer makes sense. Yet, the closer she is drawn to Jackson by their mutual ability, the more strain develops amongst those she loves in 2009. 

On the other side of Jocelyn’s consciousness in 1878, she remains ignorant of EVE. Her life is crumbling around her, yet she finds herself anxiously awaiting the images that invade her dreams. Jocelyn longs to be the woman she portrays in that world yet her jealousy is unbearable. Miscommunication, betrayal and hidden agendas make trust near impossible. The clearer the visions become the more she questions motives of her closest confidants and foregoes revealing the images that plague her perception. As her life seems to unravel, Jocelyn’s two worlds collide, and she is enlightened as the pieces start to fall into place. But is she strong enough to survive the truth? Is Jackson really her destiny? And can their love transcend time?


The EVE Series continues with Enlightened, the second book about Jocelyn Timmons and the gift she has inherited, the ability to live in two different time periods at once. This book picks up where the other has left off, with Jocelyn still trying to come to terms with living in two completely different worlds. The barrier is getting smaller and smaller and she must decide if she wants to continue this way of life. She loves Jackson in both worlds, and the time has come for her marry him in 2009. Her family in the present is extremely against it along with some of her friends. She must make the decision that could completely change her life. But will she make the right one?

I was thoroughly surprised with this these novels. The concept at first seemed like it may be hard to pull off – it’s tough to not confuse a reader when you are trying to switch between different
worlds.  Although both Jocelyn and Jackson are young, it is impossible to not feel their love through the pages. I am extremely excited to read the next book in this series. I can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

4 stars

al waddingtonAbout the Author

A.L. Waddington grew up in a small town in Indiana and always had a vivid and overactive imagination. She loves music, playing sports, and can be quite mischievous at times. She has been known to play practical jokes on occasion and is a firm believer in the theory of organized chaos. She has a slight addiction to coffee and gummy bears. When she’s not hidden behind her laptop or buried in a book, she can be found working in her gardens, cheering on her favorite team, the Indianapolis Colts, or trying to lose that last stubborn ten pounds. She graduated with her BS in psychology from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. A. L. and her family reside in Indiana.

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