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Reviewer: Emma

Starting From Lost CoverI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Starting from Lost, by S.K. Wills, is about a woman named Hannah who travels to New York for a new job and a new lease on life. Leaving behind a life of discouragement, resentment and self-pity, Hannah is determined to start over. She decides to follow her boss to the big city as his assistant for a new project. She absolutely despises him, but agrees to the move knowing that it is a temporary eight month assignment.

As Hannah begins to get settled into her new apartment in the middle of the city, she is greeted by fun, energetic, Mackenzie who lives in the apartment above hers. Mackenzie is everything she isn’t – spontaneous, confident and sexy. They immediately hit it off as she makes her feel at home. Her first night in the city, she decides to head upstairs to meet Mackenzie for some pizza. Hannah heads to dinner and is greeted at the door by a strikingly handsome man, Mackenzie’s brother, Alex. Hannah is immediately attracted to Alex. He is mysterious and breathtaking. Alex is the last thing Hannah wants to get involved with, especially after her last disastrous relationship with Jake. Hannah thought they were getting engaged; instead, Jake broke up with her and moved to the city.

Hannah and Mackenzie continue to become closer friends, and she also enjoys spending time with Alex. He makes her feel things she didn’t know she could feel with another man since Jake. He almost makes her forget about Jake. That is until she realizes Jake lives across the hall from her! Little did Hannah know, their mothers planned for Hannah to move into his building, in hopes that they would rekindle their relationship after a four year break.

Who will Hannah choose? Will she even have a choice? How will the city change her in eight months and will she revisit love again? Who knows when you are starting from lost.

This book was a definite page turner. I enjoyed how the author told the story from both Alex and Hannah’s point of view. She sometimes changed point of view from paragraph to paragraph which at first was confusing, but I caught on quickly. The characters were interesting and believable, and the romance was sweet. Wills has created a great debut novel, one that I definitely recommend to others.

 4 stars

SK WillsAbout the Author

S.K. Wills grew up with reading in her blood; a favorite pastime passed down thanks to her two beautiful grandmas. Wanting to inspire others, like good books inspire her, she added “write a romance novel” to her bucket list, and ultimately, checked it off. Writing makes her soul happy, and since she’s now hooked on story-crafting, she’s decided to stick with it for as long as it will have her. S.K. lives in Southeastern Michigan, and juggles expertly (or so she thinks!) also being a passionate marketer and entrepreneur helping other authors reach their writing dreams. She fuels her insatiable dream-chasing with what some would consider an unhealthy amount of coffee, and she wouldn’t have her crazy busy life any other way. To learn more, visit her at:

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