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Reviewer: Leah

Starting From Lost CoverI received a review copy

In S. K. Wills’ novel Starting from Lost, recent college graduate, Hannah, is heading to New York City. While this should be a happy event, it is tinged with sadness as Hannah feels underused in her job as secretary; is still unsure at what she wants to do in her life, and continues to be heartbroken from the breakup of her first love five years earlier. When she arrives in her apartment in New York she meets a brother and sister from the floor above that help her come out of her shell and move on with her life. But all is not cheery for them either. The siblings, Alex and Mackenzie, have been through some very rough times and needs this friendship with Hannah in order to put the past to rest. Hannah starts flourishing in New York , but just as things are going great some storms head her way.  First her boss tries to have her extend her work duties into his bedroom, and then she discovers that her ex-boyfriend, and the man who ripped her heart apart, is living across from her. Will Hannah, Alex, and Mackenzie be able to start over and fresh? Or will the past repeat itself?

I thought this was a thoroughly interesting read as the characters were very relatable. Each had gone through tough experiences that hurt them, and each dealt with it a different way; making the story something anyone could relate to. I really enjoyed the characters as they were diverse in backgrounds; a mix of professionals and the everyday man.  There are a few romantic clichés, but the book itself recognizes these and purposely uses them as they are ones readers will all adore. On a whole it was a good read and I give it three and a half out of five stars.

3.5 stars

SK WillsAbout the Author

S.K. Wills grew up with reading in her blood; a favorite pastime passed down thanks to her two beautiful grandmas. Wanting to inspire others, like good books inspire her, she added “write a romance novel” to her bucket list, and ultimately, checked it off. Writing makes her soul happy, and since she’s now hooked on story-crafting, she’s decided to stick with it for as long as it will have her. S.K. lives in Southeastern Michigan, and juggles expertly (or so she thinks!) also being a passionate marketer and entrepreneur helping other authors reach their writing dreams. She fuels her insatiable dream-chasing with what some would consider an unhealthy amount of coffee, and she wouldn’t have her crazy busy life any other way. To learn more, visit her at:

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