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Title: Love Him or List Him

Author: Aprille L Thomas

Genre: Chick Lit/Romantic Comedy

Review Copies Available: Kindle/ePub/PDF 

Reviews Due: Within 3 months of receiving review copy. Must be posted to Amazon. Reviews to other review sites are optional but encouraged. 

love him or list himSummary:

What if one day, in one evening, all of your shocking secrets came to light?

As an up-and-coming real estate agent at one of Barbados’s well established firms, Joline Osborne spends her days helping people find their perfect match. And she’s found hers… in Brian, Rafi and Nash.

Life in paradise couldn’t be better as Jo manages to keep her fast-paced work life and complex private life totally separate. At work, her colleagues watch in wonder as the free-spirited, easy-going shopaholic fashionably juggles a hot-tempered boss and clients who never quite seem to know what they want. After hours, she drives men wild with her allure, elusiveness and effortless beauty.

But everything is thrown off balance when her isolated worlds collide during her best friend’s charity dog show at Apes Hill. Jo’s neatly woven web of secrets unravels and it all comes crashing down around her. Her colleagues are shocked to learn the ugly truth. Natalie wants nothing to do with her. And her disgruntled lovers give her the worst ultimatum ever: love me or list me.

Can Jo pick up the pieces? Will she mend her broken relationships before it’s too late? And who will she choose?

Love Him or List Him is Aprille L. Thomas’s second novella in the Sunday Afternoon Series, bringing a poetic flair to the complications of corporate life, complex love, and chasing your dreams.

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