CLP Blog Tours Sign Up: Ex-Treme Measures by Mickey J Corrigan

Mickey J Corrigan will be on tour in October with her romantic suspense novel Ex-Treme Measures. We are looking for book bloggers to share reviews for this tour, and eBook copies will be available. Please use the form below to join the tour. Thank you!


Men: You can’t live with them, you can’t kill them. Or can you?

Vanna Treme runs Ex-Treme Measures, a domestic investigations agency in downscale Deport Beach, Florida. She spies on cheating spouses while struggling to recover from her own imploded marriage. Vanna’s unique PI firm also offers special services designed to get rid of the marital problem. Forever.

Vanna’s trusted assistant, a hunky ex-cop, is worried. Ringo thinks their clients are lying to them, local competition is moving in, and everyone in South Florida is crazy or untrustworthy—or both. He’s also in love with Vanna. But she refuses to listen. She heads for the superficial glitter of Palm Beach, where the hits just keep on coming her way.

Ex-Treme Measures combines humor, action, and evolutionary biology to investigate some of our culture’s most pressing mysteries, including why men act like men, and why the hell women put up with it.

**This tour is now full!*

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