CLP Blog Tours Sign Up: Second Death by Emily Reese

Emily Reese will be on tour February 16-23 with her mystery/vampire novel Second Death. We are looking for book bloggers to post reviews, interviews, excerpts and promotional posts, and PDF copies will be available for interested reviewers. Please use the form below to join the tour. Thank you!

second deathSummary:

Claire Wallace is happy in her life, teaching vampire literature to college students, when one of them, Mike Monroe, asks her about a book titled The Collector. Mike seems to think that there’s more fact than fiction to the book, and believes that The Collector may hold information about his sister’s kidnapping nine years ago. The reaction he gets from Claire is harsh and direct: its fiction. And if it’s not fiction, you don’t want to find her.

Dismayed and hurt, Mike continues the investigation on his own, getting closer and closer to the truth. Meanwhile, Claire has demons of her own to face. The Collector, contrary to what she told Mike, is not fiction. It’s her story. The story of how she was kidnapped, held and eventually became a vampire. If the Collector has taken Mike’s sister, then Claire’s inaction, and her avoidance of the trauma that happened to her over eighty years ago, are the cause. She can’t just bury her head in the sand anymore.

**Emily’s tour is now full. Thanks to everyone who signed up!**

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