CLP Blog Tours Sign Up: When a Spade Isn’t a Spade by Aprille Thomas

CLP Blog Tours is looking for reviewers for When a Spade Isn’t a Spade by Aprille Thomas. You do not have to be a book blogger or run a blog, reviews only need to be posted to Amazon and GoodReads within 3 months after receiving your review copy. Please use the form below to sign up. Thank you!

when a spade isn't a spadeSummary:

Karlie Washington is a smart, sexy, savvy copywriter, and she’s in line for the promotion of her dreams – Creative Director at NJH Communications. She’s been eyeing the job for five years, and already special ordered the outfit for her first day.

But there’s just one problem – Hosea Young. She has to compete with the boss’s pet for the coveted spot. Oh, and everyone else in the office, too.

Determined to come out on top, problems abound for Karlie as she tries to navigate her way up the career ladder. She struggles with a know-it-all coworker, a my-way-or-the-highway boss, and never-ending boyfriend drama. Her chances of success start looking slimmer at every turn, and she soon finds herself at her wits’ end.

So when she accidentally stumbles across the opportunity to secure her success, it seems like a simple decision. But an overactive conscience forces a torn Karlie to reconsider what’s more important, and she quickly realizes that things aren’t always what they seem.

When a Spade isn’t a Spade, Aprille L. Thomas’s debut novella, brings a poetic flair to the complications of corporate life, complex love, and chasing your dreams.

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