The Divorced Lady’s Companion to Living in Italy by Catherine McNamara

Marilyn Wade is a half-Hungarian divorcee who decides to move to Milan to find herself – and her womanhood – once again. Her two teens and her cheating ex aren’t heartbroken of her departure, so Marilyn takes a deep breath and dives into Milan with eyes wide open. But her experience isn’t seeming to match up to her icon Jean Harper. Rumor had it Jean met her Milanese lover on a singles trip and moved to Italy to start a family with him. Marilyn assumed she would have the same sort of trip, but nothing is going her way. Will her Milan trip be a total bust, or can Marilyn find what she was looking for after all?

There was a lot going on during The Divorced Lady’s Companion to Living in Italy by Catherine McNamara. From love affairs to kinky sex scenes and even a bit of S&M…again, just a lot going on. At times I couldn’t keep everything together. I wasn’t sure where Marilyn was or why or who the characters were and how they came into the story. A lot happening but I will say I enjoyed the writing. McNamara has a way with words and creating scenes. While I may not have been totally invested in the story, I can imagine many other readers would like it.

[Rating: 3]

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  1. Pamela
    April 18, 2012 / 10:22 pm

    Awesome kind of book..I love it..I want to read this..Looking forward buy it..

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