Down At The Golden Coin by Kim Strickland

Down at the Golden Coin by Kim Strickland follows former pilot Annie Mullard, as she sinks to a new low in life and must go to run-down Laundromat, conveniently named The Golden Coin, to do her laundry. As if her luck couldn’t get any worse, the washing machine breaks down. But, it is fate stepping in and it is here that she meets Violet, a Messiah of sorts. Violet shows Annie a few things, but Annie quickly learns that Violet is here to show/teach her more and truly allows her to see what life is supposed to be like- and that she has the key to her own happiness.

Down at The Golden Coin by Kim Strickland was not at all what I expected when I first started reading it. In my opinion, the name gives it quite the spin and I can’t help but to think of it being about an adventure of some type. Well, don’t be fooled like me … this book is more along the lines of a self-help book and about improving your overall outlook on life. Now, don’t run away just yet. It isn’t your typical self help book- this book is filled with wit and humor and it makes you really ponder the life that you are living. Kim does a fabulous job of making you think and making you see things in a different light. Overall, a great read and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for a little pick me up.

[Rating: 4/5]

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