Fab-U-Wish Launch

breast cancerI saw something today that made me so excited I just had get on here and help spread the news! I was eating my dinner and watching E! News when I saw Giuliana Rancic introduce her latest venture, Fab-U-Wish, and my fork literally dropped and I ran to my laptop. Giuliana discovered she had breast cancer in her quest to get pregnant, with a pre-IVF mammogram showing she had early stages of cancer. Her journey was documented for her reality show with her husband Bill Rancic, Giuliana and Bill, and Giuliana was very vocal with her story, sharing each step of the way with the public. Now, healthy and also a mom to Baby Duke, Giuliana has teamed up with Lindsay Avner, who runs the fabulous company Bright Pink, to form Fab-U-Wish. Women under forty-five and who are undergoing treatment for breast and ovarian cancer can submit a wish to Fab-U-Wish and possibly have that granted! And Giuliana wants you to go all out with your wishes – a walk down the red carpet, designer shoes, lunch with celebrity – can you imagine? I just love this idea, and hope you will nominate someone you know –  or maybe even you! All you have to do is submit a 150-word essay about why you want some fabulous in your life, and maybe you will get picked. Please head over to Fab-U-Wish for all the details, how you can help, and how to submit your essay. As someone whose life has been touched too much with cancer, I get so excited when I see things like this and love help spreading the word. Oddly enough, I have my “Fight Like a Girl” breast cancer T-shirt on today – how bizarre is that? Now go – make your wish!

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