Finding Out by Sheryn MacMunn

Finding Out by Sheryn MacMunn follows Sheila Davenport who in the beginning of the book, believes that her life is on track. Then … she gets dumped by her boyfriend of seven years and shortly afterward, realizes that he nearly emptied their joint savings account. Weighed down by reality, the financial woes of the bills that she can no longer afford to pay, and a psychotic boss, Sheila loses grip and realizes that life is no longer what she once imagined it to be. Stuck with no immediate solutions to her problems, her friends urge her to date but she realizes that dating only causes more woes but wonders what to do next. An unexpected twist brings in an elderly neighbor who shares some insight on love, loss, and most importantly, a solid perspective on living life. What will happen to Sheila? Will she be able to move on and forward with her life? Or will she continue to dwell on all that has gone wrong? You must turn the pages to find out.

Finding Out is a true eye opener and I loved every second of it. Early on in the novel, Sheila loses everything and is so lost that she doesn’t know which way is up and which is down. But, that all changes once she meets Ruth and gets a fresh perspective on life. This is a story of second chances, love found and lost, and the strength of redemption. A page-turner until the very last second, I enjoyed this debut from Sheryn immensely. Overall, a fantastic read.

[Rating: 5/5]

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