Lost in the Light by Mary Castillo

I am kicking off Mary Castillo’s tour on CLP Blog Tours for Lost in the Light. This book captivated me. The story brings in some of my favorite elements – mainly being mystery and the past. Detective Dori Orihuela buys a 120 year-old Edwardian mansion to restore while she waits to get back on duty after she was shot. She has no idea when she moved in that she was going to be visited by the ghost of Vicente Sorolla, who is seeking Dori’s help to find a woman named Anna. Dori begins to worry about her sanity, but through time and proof that Vicente and his story is real, an unlikely friendship forms between the two.

The story shifts back and forth from present day and 1932, and readers understand Vicente’s story more and more as the book whips along. There is a lot of history in this book which I loved. The mystery aspect really drew me in, and I liked that readers could get into Dori and Vicente’s head both. The ending might have been my favorite. No spoilers, but it wasn’t drawn out, too quick or anything cheesy, which I’ve seen happen with mystery novels like this. One of my favorite mystery reads of the year, and one to get your to-read list!

4.5 stars

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