New Book Releases: August 2015

Contributor: Allie

the best of enemiesThe Best of Enemies by Jen Lancaster – August 4, 2015. Once upon a time, there were three girls who went to college and were the best of friends – Jacqueline, Kitty, and Sarabeth. The trio broke up after Jacqueline slept with Kitty’s boyfriend. Got that? Sarabeth was able to remain friends with both women, so long as Kitty and Jacqueline never had to see each other. After Sarabeth’s husband dies mysteriously, Kitty and Jacqueline put their bad history aside to help their friend, and find the answers Sarabeth needs about her husband’s death.  Will their quest for answers help Jacqueline and Kitty heal their past?

rome in loveRome in Love by Anita Hughes – August 4, 2015. The latest story from Anita Hughes takes place in Rome, the “Eternal City.” Amelia Tate is Hollywood’s new “it girl,” who’s cast in the Audrey Hepburn role in a remake of Roman Holiday. Amelia becomes enchanted with Rome and her world seems perfect, until her boyfriend dumps her – he can’t handle her rising fame. Cue the sad montage, until Amelia meets Phillip, a gorgeous journalist. In a twist on the Maid in Manhattan plot, Phillip mistakes her for a maid. Remembering her ex’s disdain for her acting career, Amelia puts off telling Phillip who she is. A big lie isn’t exactly the best way to start off a relationship. Perhaps the stack of letters she discovers, written by Audrey Hepburn, will help her find her way.

Becoming Ellen by Shari ShattuckBecoming Ellen by Shari Shattuck – August 11, 2015.  This book is the sequel to the popular novel, Invisible Ellen. Ellen’s done hiding and decides she’s ready to live in the real world. Living with her best friends helps her gain the courage she needs to begin again, which brings her surprising happiness. After a terrible bus crash, Ellen is once again faced with the fears we all deal with concerning events we cannot control. Does she have the strength to carry on? Or will she retreat into her shell? In order to move on, Ellen will have to finally deal with the secrets of her past.

Who Do You Love by Jennifer WeinerWho Do You Love? by Jennifer Weiner – August 11, 2015. Rachel and Andy meet when they’re eight year’s old, in the in the emergency room of a Florida hospital. To steal a quote from Sweet Home Alabama, “Who meets their soul mate when they’re eight years old?” Rachel and Andy do. Rachel is a girl with a heart problem, who grows up rich and protected in the balmy suburbs of Florida. Andy is a wild child from the streets of Philadelphia, raised by a single mom. Throughout the course of their lives, their paths cross – sometimes it’s magical and sometimes it’s ordinary. But neither one can forget about the other. Will a bond, created in childhood, stand the test of time?

A Window Opens by ElisabethA Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan – August 25, 2015. Alice Pearce is a Manhattan mother of three who has it all. And yet, she yearns for something more. After her husband decides he’s had enough of his corporate law firm, it’s up to Alice to become the breadwinner – and she’s okay with that. As luck would have it, a new start-up offers her a dream job. Scroll, her employer, wants to reinvent bookselling through literary lounges, e-commerce, and coffee! Her best friend, the owner of a bookstore, is not pleased. As she struggles to keep “balance” in her world, life becomes challenging. Isn’t that always the way? Her husband starts drinking, her dad’s cancer returns, her nanny becomes a problem, her kids grow up, and the perfect job turns out to be not so perfect. Alice finds herself asking age-old question, “What does she really want?”

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