New Book Releases: January 2015

Contributor: Allie

A Wedding in Provence by Ellen SussmanA Wedding in Provence by Ellen Sussman – January 7, 2015.  Things (sorry Rich could NOT come up with another word)  get complicated for Olivia and Brody as the anticipation builds for their upcoming wedding.  The venue, a beautiful seaside inn owned by some friends, is in the Mediterranean town of Cassis.  The couple’s excitement is tempered by their families, who bring their own emotional baggage.  Each of Olivia’s daughters is dealing with a romantic dilemma and Brody’s playboy best man makes their lives even more difficult.  Add the bitterness of Brody’s brokenhearted mother and the soon-to-be-married couple find themselves wishing they’d eloped.

The Amazing Things About You by Jill MansellThree Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell – January, 15 2015.  Hallie is a young woman who doesn’t have long to live.  So the timing isn’t right to fall in love, but that’s what happens.  Should she seize what time she has left?  Or let true love go?  Flo has developed feelings for her friend Zander, but his sister hates her, which makes the chance of romance impossible.  Tasha’s happily committed to her boyfriend, but terrified by his love of danger.  Then Hallie learns that she has an organ donor, and a chance for survival.  But whose life was cut short?

First Frost by Sarah Addison AllenFirst Frost by Sarah Addison Allen- January 20, 2015.  This novel is the sequel to Garden Spells and picks up ten years later, with the Waverly women still considered as the eccentric residents of Bascom, NC.  Claire is now married, with a young daughter and a thriving candy making business.  Sydney is married and desperately trying to have another baby.  Her fifteen-year-old daughter, Bay, is experiencing the typical angst of a teenager.  Evanelle’s health is fading and she requires live-in care.  After a strange man arrives in town, their lives begin to twist and turn, and then the arrival of the first frost brings big changes.

Girl Before a Mirror by Liza PalmerGirl Before a Mirror by Liza Palmer – January 27, 2015.  Poor Anna has more going on than any one person should have to deal with.  She’s an ad executive who’s desperately trying to sign “the hot model” for her client’s ad campaign.  Anna tracks the gentleman model down at a romance writing convention, where he’s winning an award as the romance cover model of the year.  While there, she meets the author who inspired her professional life, hooks up with a dashing financial executive, and signs her model.  Her success is marred by a coworker’s sabotage and the antics of her alcoholic brother.  To have the life she wants, Anna must make some drastic changes.

The Grown Ups by Robin AntalekThe Grown Ups by Robin Antalek – January 27, 2015.  The summer that Suzie and Sam are fifteen years-old, their friendship develops into something more than just friends.  At the end of that summer, Suzie and her family move to another state.  Her family’s sudden departure leaves a destructive wake.  Sam is heartbroken, but agrees to keep their relationship a secret from their group of friends.  The couple eventually loses touch.  Then, ten years later, Suzie runs into Sam’s brother, Michael.  She’s surprised to discover that her childhood best friend, Bella, and Sam have become a couple.   After Suzi starts dating Michael, things get very complicated…

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