New Book Releases: May 2015

Contributor: Allie

dear carolinaDear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey – May 5, 2015.  This debut novel is set in the south and told in two voices – that of a birth mother and that of an adoptive one. Francis has everything she wants, except for a second child. Jodi, who’s the nineteen year-old cousin of Francis’ husband, is fresh out of rehab when she discovers she’s pregnant. Jodi loves her daughter, Carolina, yet she knows she can’t be the mother her baby deserves. She asks Francis to raise her child. Both women love the child and in alternating chapters tell Carolina their story, which is of course her story. This book is about love and heartbreak and what it means to be a family.

i regret nothingI Regret Nothing by Jen Lancaster – May 5, 2015.  Okay, the cover of this book is priceless and pretty much sums up Lancaster’s brand of humor. In her latest memoir, Lancaster embarks on an epic bucket list after realizing she’s now middle aged. Some of her mid-life adventures include learning Italian, training for a 5K, and getting a tattoo removed. I love this tagline from the book: “Mistakes are one thing, regrets are another.” I cannot wait to read this book. I follow Lancaster on FB and from the pictures she’s posted, it’s evident she’s lost some weight – she looks fabulous. I’m curious to find out what in her regrets-free journey caused her to change her lifestyle.

the house of hawthorneThe House of Hawthorne by Erika Robuck – May 5, 2015. This is a fictional account of the love story between Nathanial Hawthorne and his wife Sophia. Hawthorne is the legendary literary figure who wrote the Scarlet Letter. His wife Sophia was a celebrated artist in her own right – but history forgot her. The Hawthorne’s romance was intense from the beginning. Sophie’s family urged her to explore her art and her vivid paintings often inspired Hawthorne’s writing. But their marriage had its difficulties, some of which were due to Sophie’s desire to pursue her own dreams in time when women were expected to stay home and raise the children. Spanning decades, the story covers their long courtship and troubled marriage, which was fraught with family tensions and money problems. There are also a number of famous figures who pop up throughout the story.

the guest cottageThe Guest Cottage: A Novel by Nancy Thayer – May 12, 2015.  Sophie Anderson is lost and hurting after her husband leaves her for another woman. When her friend Susie offers her the use of a guest cottage on Nantucket, Sophie doesn’t hesitate to pack up her two kids and leave Boston for the summer. Unfortunately, when she gets there she discovers that the guest cottage is already occupied by Trevor Black. Trevor, a friend of Susie’s husband, was also promised the cottage – as a place to grief the loss of his young wife. He’s committed to helping his son mourn the loss of his mother. Sophie and Trevor agree to share the cottage for the summer – for their children’s sake. As you can image, by summer’s end it’s all a bit complicated.

Beach Town by Mary Kay AndrewsBeach Town by Mary Kay Andrews – May 19, 2015. You know that summer must be upon us when there’s a new Mary Kay Andrews book coming out. Greer Hennessey has recently lost her mother to cancer and broken up with her boyfriend. Her professional life is also in shambles, but when she finds a quaint beach town for an upcoming movie, she gets a second chance at career success. Cedar Key is the perfect setting for the movie. However the town’s mayor, Eb Thibadeaux, proves to be a thorn in Greer’s side. Eb grew up on Cedar Key and he has no intention of letting Hollywood movie folks take over his town. When a swarm of paparazzi take comprising pictures of his young niece, sparks fly! Greer has to decide whether or not making a movie is worth hurting the people she’s come to care about.

The Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo PiazzaThe Knockoff by Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza – May 19, 2015.  This novel is reminiscent of The Devil Wears Prada – only the devil in this modern tech-savvy tale is the personal assistant. Imogen Tate is the revered editor-in-chief of Glossy magazine. Returning to work after a six month medical leave, Imogen finds her magazine world turned upside down. While she was away, her once promising assistant, Eve, plotted a coup and turned the office into a fun zone for twenty-somethings who text all day. Imogen must save Glossy and her career, but first she needs embrace the digital age and learn how to send a tweet. The book also has quite of few characters who are obviously based on real life fashion players. The book promises to be quite a ride.

Things You Won’t Say by Sarah PekkanenThings You Won’t Say by Sarah Pekkanen: – May 26, 2015.  Jamie Andersen is married to Mike, who’s a police officer. Throughout her marriage Jamie has lived in fear of “that call.” Jamie believes that her nightmares have come true after a shooting at the local police station, but Mike was spared. His partner however, was not.  Mike struggles in the aftermath of the shooting, and it affects their marriage. After Mike ends up shooting someone in the line of duty, Jamie is faced with the public backlash as the press reports scream police brutality. When Mike’s beautiful ex shows up on the scene to help him through the crisis, Jamie wonders if there’s any way she can save her family. The timing of this book’s publication could not be more appropriate.

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