New Book Releases: October & November 2015

Contributor: Allie

all the stars in the heavensAll the Stars in the Heavens  by Adrianna Trigiana – October 13, 2015. As a girl, I used to love to spend rainy days poring over my mom’s old Life magazines. The Golden Age of Hollywood was so glamourous – and scandalous! The king of Hollywood during the 1930s was Clark Gable. Oh, he was dreamy. On the set of The Call of the Wild, he met and fell in love with the young starlet Loretta Young. The only problem was that he was already married. Trigiani tells a fictional version of their notorious love affair, which spins Loretta onto a path of adventure in which she always choses love and passion. It’s all fun until Loretta is put to the ultimate test, when she must face the greatest obstacle of her life. I can’t wait to indulge in this one!

The Good NeighborThe Good Neighbor: A Novel  by Amy Sue Nathan – October 13, 2015. “When small lies have big consequences…” Izzy Lane has created a mess of her life. After her heartbreaking divorce, she and her young son move to Philadelphia, to live in her childhood home. It’s there that she begins to heal and start her life over. When she finally puts the past behind her, Izzy’s ex-husband and his new girlfriend show up. Of course they do. Determined to prove she’s moved on, Izzy makes up a boyfriend – and even starts writing about him on her blog. Soon family and friends are clamoring to meet him. Uh-oh. Things go from bad to worse when she meets a guy she’d really like to date. Of course, he’s not interested – because he believes she has a boyfriend!

Shopaholic to the RescueShopaholic to the Rescue by Sophie Kinsella – October 27, 2015. Would you believe that this is the eighth book in the Shopaholic series? Yep, I’m serious. Becky Bloomwood is back and this time she’s trying to solve a mystery. Her dad, along with her best friend’s husband, has disappeared. Needless to say, Becky’s mother is beside herself and desperate for her daughter’s help. Becky’s quest lands her on a road trip to Las Vegas with her arch nemesis. I hope she manages to stay focused on her mission, because I’ve heard that the shopping in Vegas is awesome.

peri in progressPeri in Progress by Cat Lavoie – October 28, 2015. Now that Peri is in her thirty’s, she’s taking stock of her life and doesn’t love what she sees. Her job is making her unhappy, her home is has become an endless fixer-upper, and her eating habits aren’t good for her health. It’s time to make some changes! Only problem is, changing her life proves to be harder than she anticipated. After Peri starts working with a handsome chef, her new life begins to take focus. Work is fun, she’s eating healthier – and goodness gracious, she’s jogging! Too bad Chef Milo is the estranged brother of her best friend, because Peri really likes him – and that’s definitely not allowed.

Along the Infinite SeaAlong the Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams – November 3, 2015. This is the final book in the Schuyer Sisters’ trilogy, which is sad for me. I loved the first two books. In this novel we catch up with Pepper – the wild sister of the family. At the end of Tiny Little Things, it was 1966 and Pepper was pregnant with the baby of a well-known (and married) senator. She’d left Cape Cod in a valuable Mercedes Benz Roadster that her sister gave her (long story). She was headed south, to sell the car for a small fortune and to try to figure out what to do with her life. She sells the car to the mysterious Annabelle, who takes Pepper under her wing. Annabelle’s past unfolds with a World War II backstory. The car’s infamous history comes to light just as the father of Pepper’s baby finds her. Is it coincidence or not?

put a ring on itPut a Ring on It by Beth Kendrick – November 3, 2015. Brighton Smith has a good head on her shoulders. As an insurance actuary, she’s a woman who follows the rules. That is until her fiancé calls to inform her that he’s gone off and married another woman, whom he just met and fell madly in love with. Brighton goes a little crazy and breaks some rules. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. She goes out, gets drunk, and finds herself a groom – the rich, gorgeous, and wild Jake Sorenson. Once the honeymoon buzz is over, Brighton discovers just how wild Jake can be. What has she done? Can a straight-laced girl like her really have a happily-ever-after with a guy like Jake?

Holiday Collection CoverAll I Want for Christmas (A Holiday Novella Collection) by Laura Chapman, Samantha March and Cat Lavoie – November 11, 2015. What could be more fun than a chick lit Christmas collection for the holidays? Cat Lovie’s story is about Casey Ellis, the eternal Christmas pessimist. Casey’s holiday bad luck continues when she finds out she has to plan her office’s Christmas party. But any party that includes mistletoe is bound to have a few (good) surprises! Samantha March’s Christmas tale is about Juliette Mabry, a happy stay-at-home mom whose ten year marriage may be unraveling. Juliette spends her holidays trying to find out if her husband is up to no good, or maybe it’s all part of an elaborate Christmas surprise? Finally, the collection includes two stories by Laura Chapman. The first is about an adult version of the advent calendar that results is a Christmas adventure for Ivy and her grumpy pal, Everett. In the second, romantic-comedy-obsessed Natalie tries live her life sensibly, which proves difficult with the promise of New Year’s Eve looming.

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