New Book Releases: September 2014

Contributor: Allie

A Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon – September, 2 2014.  Can you imagine having to pick a hundred items from all that you own, and then throwing the rest away?  I can’t.  Gina Bellamy is making a fresh start and that’s just what she decides to do.  In the process, she begins to let go of the past and see the future.  Carpe Diem!

VintageHC CVintage: A Novel by Susan Gloss – September 2, 2014.  In this debut novel, three women find friendship though their love of vintage clothing.  Violet Turner is the owner of a vintage dress shop in Madison, Wisconsin, who faces the possibility of losing her store.  She realizes she needs help.  Along with her new and unexpected friends, she finds renewed hope in the future through the joy of friendship and the stories they discover about items in the store.

When We FallWhen We Fall byEmily Liebert – September 2, 1014.  This is the story of two women living in a New York suburb, each of them at a crossroads in her life.  Allison is a recent widow who has moved back to her hometown with her young son.  She befriends Charlotte, who is married to a friend of her deceased husband.  Charlotte appears to be “living the dream,” but her friendship with Allison makes her realize what a façade her life has become.  In the beginning, the women support each other, but then everything falls apart.

Pulled Within CoverPulled Within by Marni Mann – September 12, 2014.  Rae Ryan has endured many losses in her life – her job, relationships, friends and her home.  Her past is littered with family secrets that haunt her dreams.  When a man from her past returns to Bar Harbor, Rae considers the possibility that forgiveness can bring her the hope of a bright future.  Just when hope replaces fear, a sinister figure from her past threatens her happiness.  “Recommended for mature audiences due to explicit language, sexual abuse, disturbing situations, and drug use.”

Every Time I Think of You by Tracey Garvis Graves – September 16th, 2014.   Daisy DiStefano is a single mother who loses her beloved grandmother, her only family member other than her son, to an act of violence.  Brooks McCain is an investigative reporter who is in town temporarily, to care for his dying mother.  Brooks is asked to investigate the crime involving Daisy’s grandmother and becomes very attached to Daisy and her son.  When the investigation takes a dark turn, he promises to protect Daisy and her son – no matter what the cost.

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