New Releases: October 2013

Contributor: Allie

October is my favorite month.  The back-to-school routine has worked itself out and the holiday madness still seems like it’s months away.  Don’t be fooled though – if new Christmas themed books are any indication, it’ll be here before we know it!   I hope you have a backlog in your to-read book pile, because the pickings for new chick lit releases in October are slim.  Methinks some publishers are a wee bit afraid of competing with a certain Miss Bridget Jones.

mad about the boyBridget Jones: Mad About the Boy by Helen Fielding – October 15, 2013.  Bridget Jones is the iconic chick lit heroine who’s often credited with launching the genre’s industry.  I adore her and I’m very excited.  I must confess that I didn’t read the second book (or like the movie sequel), so I’m a bit fuzzy about where I last left Bridget.   I’ve also been unable to find a synopsis that has any real scoop.  These are the most mentioned tidbits:  Bridget is older and freaking out about middle age.  Bridget and technology, especially social media, are not a good combination.  Conspicuously, there’s no mention of Mark Darcy!  Blasphemy I say!  Finally, there’s great on-line debate as to just who is the boy she’s so mad about.  A new lover?  Or a baby?  Hmmm…

POST SCRIPT – Hot off the presses:  Fielding has killed off Mark Darcy!  I don’t know what to say, but this is taking “kill your darlings” a bit too far!

christmas blissChristmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews – October 15, 2013.  Andrews is another one of my favorites and no one can tell a better story about southern gals and best friends.  This Christmas novella brings back Weezie and Bebe from Savannah Blue and Savannah Breeze.  It’s Christmas time in Savannah and Weezie is distracted.  She’s about to marry (yay!) Chef Daniel, and her best friend Bebe is about to give birth.  All would be perfect except Bebe won’t marry her baby’s father, and no one’s quite sure why, since she loves him.  I’m certain that the girls will get themselves involved in some trouble, which will be fun for the readers.

christmas_at_the_beachChristmas At The Beach by Wendy Wax – October 15th, 2013.  For fear of sounding like a broken record, I won’t tell you how much I love Wendy Wax and her series about three women who renovate beach properties for a reality show program.  There have been two books so far, Ten Beach Road and Ocean Beach, and the third, The House At Mermaid Point, will be out next summer.  In the meantime, we’re treated to this Christmas novella.  Maddy, Avery & Nicole are celebrating Christmas together with their families at Bella Flora.  Bella Flora is their original project house, which saved them from the financial ruin of a Ponzi scheme.   Bella Flora has finally sold, so they’re celebrating – that is until they find out who’s purchased the house!

zoey and the moment of zenZoey & The Moment of Zen by Cat Lavoie – October 23, 2013.  Zoey Everwood is a bit obsessed with her ex-boyfriend, Braden, and driving everyone around her crazy.  So she escapes a wellness resort to chill out.  How apropos that the resort is called the Moment of Zen!  It works like magic and Zoey comes back from the resort with a husband, who also happens to resemble her ex.  Then she discovers that someone else is having trouble letting go.  Is it her ex?  Or his grumpy best friend?  I don’t’ think Zoey’s going to stay Zen for long.

a gift to rememberA Gift To Remember by Melissa Hill – October 24, 2013.  One day, Darcy is riding her bicycle to work (a bookstore), when she runs into a sharply dressed man walking a dog.  Before she knows it, the man is rushed off to the hospital and Darcy’s left standing on the sidewalk, with his dog and a wrapped package.  She has no idea who the man is, or how to get his dog home.   After unwrapping the package, Darcy embarks on an adventure to find the mystery man.  As she does so, she gradually gets drawn into his world, which is one of books, travel and adventure.  When she eventually finds him, will fantasy meet reality?

cinderella screwed me overCinderella Screwed Me Over by Cindi Madsen – October 22, 2013.  Based on the title, I guessed that Darby Quinn would be an unhappy heroine.  It turns out to be quite the opposite.  After a series of disappointing relationships, Darby’s sworn off happily-ever-afters and is busy starting her new life, safe in the knowledge that fairy tale princes aren’t real.  Then Darby meets Jake, a charmingly persistent restaurant owner.   Is he her prince, or just another good-looking toad?  And is she willing to find out?

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  1. October 22, 2013 / 11:48 am

    No more Mr. Darcy! Blech.

    A Gift to Remember sounds like a good premise!

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Allie!

  2. October 22, 2013 / 9:03 pm

    I agree Nina – I don’t think I can embrace a Bridget Jones world with out Mark Darcy:(!

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