#NewRelease: Swings by Corbin Lewars

CLP would like to congratulate Corbin Lewars on the release of her contemporary women’s fiction novel Swings!

Swings CoverAbout the Book

After attending three new mom groups, only to be banned for eating Cheetos (not organic!) and uttering the occasional swear word, Sadie Walker questions why she is trying so hard to fit in. While sitting in another dingy community center playroom full of squealing babies and new moms enthusiastically discussing homemade organic baby food, Sadie meets John, a handsome, vivacious dad. They quickly form a friendship and Sadie finally finds an adult outlet. John soon becomes a lifeline and she looks to him for advice and support, and confides in him about her strained marriage and career as a copywriter. Sadie begins to have sexual fantasies about John. Those fantasies turn into opportunity when he tells her he’s in an open marriage. As Sadie contemplates how far is too far in regards to her friendship with John, she must also question herself, her marriage, and her life. Will swinging with John improve that life, or destroy it?

Author Bio:   

corbin lewarsCorbin Lewars is the author of PNBA and Washington State book award nominee Creating a Life: The memoir of a writer and mom in the making and Losing Him, Gaining You: Divorce as Opportunity. Her personal essays have been featured in over twenty-five publications including Mothering, Hip Mama, and the Seattle PI, as well as in several writing anthologies. She teaches writing at the Richard Hugo House in Seattle and at national conferences. She lives in Seattle, WA, with her two children.

Praise for Swings:

If you are a mother who has felt the ridiculous pressure to be a perfect parent in the politically correct ‘burbs, you’ll appreciate this humorous, realistic stab at the mommy-war culture in which there are no winners. “Swings” is the thinking woman’s response to “Fifty Shades” of choices (I won’t divulge what Sadie decides!). A fun read about a hot stud crashing the estrogen party and pushing the boundaries, and one woman’s discovery of what romance and partnerships really mean when the loaded diaper hits the fan—when maybe what we thought we wanted is what we had all along.

Jennifer D. Munro, author, The Erotica Writer’s Husband & Other Stories

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