#NewReleases: December 2014

Contributor: Allie

the look of loveThe Look of Love by Sarah Jio – November 25, 2014.  This book sounds mystical and enchanting.  Jane was born during a Christmas blizzard, which gave her a special gift.  She has the ability to see true love.  How cool is that?  Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to see it in her personal life.  At twenty-nine, Jane is lonely and a little lost.  The she receives a card in the mail with instructions to identify six types of love – before the full moon that occurs after her thirtieth birthday.  Will one of those types turn out to be her true love?

Independently Wealthy by Lorraine Zago RosenthalIndependently Wealthy by Lorraine Zago Rosenthal – December 2, 2014.  This book is the sequel to Rosenthal’s first novel, New Money.  Savannah Morgan, who became extremely wealthy following the death of her billionaire father, is “living the dream” in Manhattan.  Yet despite her successful career and new boyfriend, Savannah is discontented.  Relations are still complicated with her new siblings and she can’t shake the feeling that her father was murdered.  Her quest to uncover the truth about his death leads her to Washington D.C. – and a whole lot of trouble!

The Unimaginable by Dina SilverThe Unimaginable by Dina Silver – December 1, 2014.  At twenty-eight, Jessica Gregory does the unimaginable – she leaves her small Indiana hometown and moves to Thailand.  Obviously, Jessica is on a quest to find herself.  Once in Thailand, she joins the crew of a boat that’s sailing across the Indian Ocean.  She finds herself falling for Grant, the boat’s dashing captain.  Just when she beings to imagine a happy ending, disaster strikes.  Will Jessica have the courage to continue on?

the honeymoon hotelHoneymoon Hotel by Hester Brown – December 10, 2014.  Rosie is an events planner at a posh London hotel that has experienced a cultural renaissance by becoming the place to have a wedding.  The venue’s popularity is due to Rosie’s creative talents.  After booking the wedding of the year, Rosie is confident that it will seal her reputation as a wedding planner.  Then the hotel’s owner makes his son, Joe, Rosie’s assistant.  Joe is a wild card and he has very different ideas for the big wedding.  As Rosie and Joe battle over competing visions – sparks begin to fly!

Saving Grace by Jane GreenSaving Grace by Jane Green – December 30, 2014.  Jane Green’s latest novel sounds very suspenseful, and bit scary.  Grace and Ted appear to be the perfect couple – movers and shakers in the literary world of Manhattan.  At home, it’s a different story.  Ted has serious anger issues and Grace unravels as she tries to support him.  After they hire a new assistant, Beth, life at home gets much better for Grace.  So much better that Grace begins to questions Beth’s motives and soon finds herself fighting to save her own sanity!

The Life Intended by Kristin HarmelThe Life Intended by Kristin Harmel – December 30, 2014.  Kate is a widow who’s getting a second chance at love.  She’s about to walk down the aisle and begin her new life, when she starts dreaming about her dead husband, Patrick.  The problem is that Patrick’s talking to her in these dreams, which causes Kate to wonder if he’s warning her not to get married.  While attempting to decipher the dreams, she enrolls in a sign language class.  Why?  Because Patrick told her in a dream.  Kate must discover what it takes to move forward and forget the past.

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