Novel Spotlight: Zip Goes Wandering by Chris Marsh

CLP is switching it up a bit today and featuring Zip Goes Wandering by Chris Marsh. This looks like a cute and quick picture book, so if you are looking for something for your kids at bedtime, check it out!

zip goes wanderingAbout the Book

Zips is a zebra, a curious one at that. Despite his mum’s warnings, he follows his curiosity across the savannah. After a close brush with a lion and a croc, Zips discovers he’s lost, far from home. What should a youngster do when he’s lost and alone? Zips seeks friends he can trust and uses his wits till he’s reunited, safe and sound, with his mum. This colourful, rhyming picture book has lively pictures of African animals. Zips Goes Wandering can help parents and children discuss safety issues and what to do if they ever get lost or separated.

About the Author

Chris Marsh grew up in the heart of the English Countryside surrounded by pets and fields of animals. He spent many sunny days going on wild adventures and long expeditions, with his mother constantly reminding him to be careful. On rainy days, he’d read, paint or draw, creating stories about his adventures. Years later it was Chris’ turn to remind his nieces and nephews how to be safe on their adventures. He drew on his creative skills and love for animals and the story of Zips was born.


“Zips Goes Wandering” generates conversations between parents and kids about what to do when someone gets lost in a public place. But it’s not a didactic book—the story’s told from the perspective of a bright and curious child. The lively pictures are fun for kids who like animals. Try reading the rhyming lines with an English accent, Chris Marsh, the author and illustrator is from London.

christ marshABOUT ANIMALS

In “Zips Goes Wandering” we meet a range of animals from the African savannah. Colorful and expressively drawn, it’s easy to feel immersed in the environment. When Zips is threatened by a lion and a crocodile, he relies on his friends, how are are giraffes and hippos and others, to help him find his way home.


Picture books tell half the story in illustrations. In this picture book, the images are colorful and expressive. In some images, the exaggerated perspectives provide a child’s eye view, adding to the experience of reading. Chris Marsh created this images as traditional paintings, they were then digitally finished to provide movement and emotion.




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