Freelance Editing Services

With my editing services, you get a variety of choices to select from based on your individual needs. As a writer myself, I understand that some may feel what they need isn’t described below. That’s no problem! Just send me an email explaining what you are looking for from your editor, and I will work with you to see if we can find a solution for your needs.

**I offer a free 5 page sample edit. This ensures that you are satisfied with the way I edit. After the sample edit, I will give a price quote along with a time frame to complete the project.


I will read through your manuscript to find typographical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, and formatting inconsistencies. If you choose a proofread only option, I will not give a manuscript critique.

Fee: $.002-.004/word

*Final Proofs.

This option is for authors that are on the verge of publishing. I will read through your entire manuscript once to find typos, grammatical errors, missed words, etc. Anything that needs to be cleaned up before that final print. I will not make comments on the plot or characters, nor give a manuscript critique. For Final Proofs, I ask that you send me over your manuscript to my Kindle.

Fee: There will be a flat fee due upfront of $25. For each correction I find, one extra dollar will be charged. You can offer a cutoff cost, and if I reach that mark, I will not go any further. I will always discuss what errors I find with you before the balance is due.

*Structural/Content Editing.

Fee: $20-30/hour

With this process, I will read through your manuscript and focus on the logical organization and flow of content. I will make suggestions on plot and character development, recommend the addition or deletion of material, and give a full manuscript critique. I also can add in line editing if requested.

*Manuscript Critique.

I will read through the novel and give a very thorough book review, touching on characters, plot, and organization of the story. Fee is based on word count.

Fee: less than 55K – $100

55K-99K- $150

99K and up – $200

*The Mini.

With The Mini, you will submit only the first 30 pages of the manuscript. I will do full proofreading and structural/content editing on the pages and give a full critique. The Mini may be helpful for writers that need to submit a partial to agents, are entering a writing contest that only requests the first 30 pages, or writers that simply want a portion of their work evaluated before a full edit.

Fee: $60

***All costs are based on the length of the manuscript.

*Query Letter Critique

You will submit your query letter and I will make sure it is free of spelling/grammatical errors, follows basic query letter templates, and showcases your work to immediately grab attention.

Fee: $25

*Synopsis Write-up/Critique

Writing your synopsis can be a tough task for writers. I will either write the synopsis for you, or critique your written synopsis to get the best outlook on your story to pull in agents, publishers, and of course, the readers.

Fee: $25-$40


If you want to leave readers with a little more after they flip that last page, consider adding in some fun extras. I could help you create a book club discussion guide, an interview with you, or a fun article pertaining to your story. Readers can enjoy just a little extra before they close your book!

Fee: Price will vary on what/how many extras you will want.

What writers should know:

I maintain strict confidentiality of your information and your writing.

I request a brief synopsis before I begin editing. This will help give me a general idea of your characters and story.

My website is primarily chick lit, but like my reviews, I will edit outside this genre. If I don’t feel comfortable with your genre, I do have the right to turn down the project.

I will make suggestions, but my goal is never to re-write your words or story.

I read a manuscript at least three times.

My fees are based on the Editorial Freelancer’s Association rates.

I cannot pass along your manuscript to agents or publishers.

My passion is reading and writing. I offer these services because I have fun, make great relationships, and genuinely enjoy the work. I always try to give plenty of praise and encouragement along with my critique, because I know how hard writing is!

All sales are final.

***Payments. I accept either check or PayPal. I do require a down payment before I begin work. There will be a 2% service charge fee for PayPal invoices sent.

I look forward to working with you! Please fill out the form below with your name, email address, and which editing service you are looking for. I will respond to all requests within 48 hours.


“I absolutely loved working with Samantha March. Not only is she extremely thorough, but she is always accessible via e mail to answer any question, and she isn’t in a hurry. She’s kind, encouraging, and she will work with you to make sure your manuscript is just right. I can’t wait to work with her on my third book. With her extensive reading background from her book review site “chicklitplus.com”, I know she knows what makes a great story and what really hooks a reader! I’m confident she will help make your story sparkle and shine! If you are looking for an editor, choose Samantha. You won’t regret it!” – Lacy Camey

“Samantha did a wonderful job in proofreading my novel, Love Illusion. She caught the littlest details and made suggestions beyond what she was hired to do. I highly recommend Samantha for proofreading and editing services.” – Chineka Williams

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