#BookReview: A Spoonful of Sugar by Amanda Orr

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy

a spoonful of sugarSummary:

A generation ago we asked how does she do it all. Now comes a story that wonders, how do we stop?

A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR is a satire on the frenzy of modern parenting, feminism, childcare, and most certainly the pervasiveness of the pharmaceutical industry. THE NANNY DIARIES collides with PROZAC NATION in this story that chronicles Anna Moore’s journey from Super Mom to Super Hot Mess to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Propped up by vitamins and caffeine, Seattle Supermom Anna Moore thinks she has it all figured out. Three free range, organic-fed kids, a skyrocketing career as creative director at her advertising agency, and a stable marriage to a gaming nerd. But when she returns to work after an extended maternity leave only to discover that she’s been mommy tracked and the health department has shut down her daycare, she loses her grip. In swoops Maria, a seemingly experienced nanny, who enables Anna to go and win back her job. Anna quickly gets swept up into her work; while on the home front, Maria’s meddling antics reach a disastrous crescendo. Soon, every aspect of Anna’s life is going horribly and hilariously wrong and she must fight to redefine her existence, with or without a prescription.


This review is coming at a great time for me, as just the night prior to writing this I saw the movie BAD MOMS in theaters. The movie reminded me a lot of this book – how moms these days feel like they have to be Super Moms. They have to do it all, achieve it all, have it all, and make it look easy at the same time. While I am not a mom myself, I can try to sympathize with those who feel the overwhelming amount of pressure when it comes to parenting. It was easy to relate to Anna and the struggles she was going through. She was a great heroine, though I did have to wonder sometimes about why she kept around Maria, the nanny. There were just a few too many instances that I didn’t think I would want someone like that around my children, but I can also understand that she was feeling desperate for childcare the majority of the time. There were plenty of humorous moments along the way as well and overall I thought this was a terrific read that gave me plenty to learn and appreciate.

4 stars