#BookReview: Blood & Water by Katie O’Rourke

blood and waterThis was the first novel I read from Katie O’Rourke, and I’ll be sure Blood & Water is not the last. At first I started to worry about how well I could connect with the story, since we do get to follow five different characters and get their POVs. Sometimes too many characters and their insight causes me to have a disconnect with the story, but I was happy to say that I could jump from one character to another without any issue, and still highly enjoyed this story. We have Delilah, who is running away from her problems to her big brother’s house in Tucson, Arizona. Her brother David is a single father, trying his best to raise his high school daughter by himself. David’s friend Tim and his girlfriend Sarah also lend us their point of views, and a look at their unique relationship. And then finally we have Ally, best friends to Sarah who is trying to raise her family amidst many complications. Each story intertwines in a way that makes sense to the next one, and I kept fully engaged throughout the book.

A story focused very much on family, as the synopsis states “the one you’re born into, the one you choose and the one you create.” Katie O’Rourke builds up a story that is fast-moving, heart-warming, emotional, and pleasing to this reader. The ending was so interesting when we got little tidbits of what the future was holding for some of the characters and I appreciated that touch. Blood & Water is an emotionally engaging story and one I would recommend for women’s fiction readers.

4.5 stars

Reviewed for Reader’s Favorite