Scotland by Starlight by Nancy Volkers

Cassie Wrentham is moving to Scotland. She will finally be with Ralph Macnair, the (much) older but charismatic Scotsman she fell for on her first visit to the country. Cassie hopes she is finally ready to settle down and start a great life, but her doubts start crowding her way. She worries about finding a job, affording rent, making new friends, and if she should marry Ralph. Would it only be for convenience and a Visa? Or were she and Ralph truly meant to be?

Scotland by Starlight is the sequel to A Scottish Ferry Tale by Nancy Volkers. I actually liked this more than the first novel, and quickly became enchanted by the characters and their story. Cassie was very relatable in her reluctance to get married, and Ralph practically had me swooning for him throughout the pages. One thing I would change would be the heavy Scottish dialogue. Sometimes I couldn’t understand what he was saying and that snapped me out of my trance. One other thing too would be giving just a bit of information that reader’s learned in the first novel. Some characters and situations were brought up in Starlight that I couldn’t exactly remember. It’s hard to balance between saying too much and boring readers with facts they already know, and giving away the right amount of information to help jog the memories. But let’s talk about the ending that you will never see coming. I sure didn’t. I don’t want to give away too much here, but you will cry. And cry some more. Be prepared for a shocking conclusion.

[Rating: 3.5]

Future Tour: Here by Denise Grover Swank

Denise will be on tour December 12-January 2 with her novel Here.

Sixteen year old Julia Phillips buries herself in guilt after killing her best friend Monica in a car accident. Julia awoke in the hospital with a broken leg, a new talent for drawing and false memories of the accident, in which she dies and Monica lives. The doctors attribute this to her head injury, but no one can explain how a bracelet engraved with her name ended up at the scene of the accident. A bracelet no one has ever seen before.

Classmate Evan Whittaker paid Julia no attention before the accident, let alone after. Now suddenly he’s volunteering to tutor her and offering to drive her home. She can’t ignore that his new obsession started after his two-day disappearance last week and that he wears a pendant she’s been drawing for months. When the police show up one night looking for Evan, he begs Julia to run with him, convincing her that Monica is still alive. Julia agrees to go, never guessing where he’s really from.

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On Tour: Dollars to Donuts by Kathleen Kole

Kathleen in on tour with Dollars to Donuts from November 7-28.

Take one newspaper columnist; move her from the anonymity of her home city to a sleepy, small town; add a dollop of nosey, suspicious and just plain odd neighbors; a dash of mystery in the form of a stained garbage can and a rodent and, finally, a large pinch of unsettling attraction to a virtual stranger and you’ll find yourself with a recipe that imitates April Patterson’s life.

Sound strange? It is.

April Patterson had no idea that when she decided to follow the path of family and love, she would find herself an unwitting player in an eyebrow raising cul-de-sac mystery, grasping for her privacy as she plays “Dodge the Neighbor” and being forced to examine her relationship motives … all before she had unpacked her last box!

Taking a deep breath, and a large bite into a comforting donut, April consoles herself with the knowledge that it will all work out. It always does … doesn’t it?

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