The Wedding Beat by Devan Sipher

Gavin Greene is a writer for a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, but he doesn’t write a column on stocks or sports. No, he writes the wedding column, which suits this romantic at heart. Still reeling from a bad breakup, Gavin is searching for that right woman…and finds her New Years Eve night at a party. Melinda. Gavin’s One. But when she slips out early, Gavin is left to search for the woman whose last name he isn’t even privy too. Can Gavin find her before someone else sweeps her away?

I thought The Wedding Beat by Devan Sipher was a fabulous novel! I love chick lit from a guy’s perspective, and definitely think it should be on your to-read list. Gavin reminded me a bit of Ross from Friends or Ted from How I Met Your Mother, both characters that I simply adore. His journey to find Melinda kept me invested throughout the entire novel. I was thinking five stars all the way, but the ending really tripped me up. I felt a bit cheated as a reader. We go through this incredible journey of finding Melinda, and the epilogue didn’t really wrap up their love story. I don’t want to give too much away, but I was just bummed that more details weren’t given in their relationship and how it turned out. Other than that, loved the story and think you will too.

[Rating: 4.5/5]

Ros by Dee DeTarsio

I really enjoyed the first two books from Dee DeTarsio  – The Scent of Jade and The Kitchen Shrinkso I was excited when she contacted me regarding her latest story – Ros. I was intrigued because this story featured Ros, basically an alien from the future that time-traveled back in time and planets to try to figure out what happened to her brother. Heroine Micki has to try to figure out how to hide this extra-terrestrial from the military, her mother-in-law, and her cat – who is featured pretty heavily throughout this journey. Ros gave me a lot of laughs, and I love these little twists in books, so the whole alien part only added to my experience instead of hindering it. DeTarsio has a special way of writing. In The Scent of Jade and now again with Ros she can stretch the chick lit genre into something more. I love that she pushes these boundaries and really steps outside the box. I admire that from both a reader and author perspective. I have to recommend Ros, because the story will make you laugh, but will also really touch you. And it’s so fun to read the creative ways someone thinks the future will be like. Ros going to the bathroom – amazing! I will eagerly await the next gem from Dee DeTarsio!

[Rating: 4.5]

Blog Tour Sign Up: She Tells All by Judah Lee Davis

Judah will be on tour in March with her contemporary adult fiction/chick lit novel She Tells All. This book will be available as an eBook worldwide, or a print book to US/Canada residents only. Please select your preference on the form below. Judah will also be available for a guest post or interview. I will contact everyone chosen to participate. Thank you!

Her magic stilettos ensure that she will get lucky tonight, while her big mouth ensures she will stay in trouble. This sleepy little southern town just isn’t big enough for the adventures of mischievous Madison Miller. But when tragedy strikes, she is forced to learn important lessons about life, love and why she should NEVER sleep with strangers.

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