#BookReview: Lost by Elle Field

Reviewer: Samantha

I received a review copy


Lost is the second book in the coming of age Arielle Lockley series, but can be read as a stand-alone book.

“I’m starting to realise that age is just a number, but Tabitha pointed out I’m only saying that because I’m twenty-five, engaged, and have my life together. (Touch wood things stay that way.)”

Arielle is back! OK, she’s not on her way to becoming the next Coco Chanel, her childhood dream, but she is one way step closer to running her very own shop with business partner Felicity.

She’s also planning her perfect romantic wedding to fiancé, Piers, and Arielle is starting to think that she’s finally found her place in the world… Of course life is never that straightforward.

With a new-found foe interfering with her shop decisions, not to mention haughty wedding planners and loved ones facing personal struggles, will Arielle figure out what’s important before all is lost?


I just love all the covers in this series! So cute and eye-catching, and definitely draws me to them. But inside, they are just as good! I loved catching up with Arielle’s life in this installment and all the hilarious shenanigans yet serious moments as well in here. Very fun chick lit and I really look forward to reading the next book in the series and more from Elle Field!

4 stars

#BookReview: Tug: A Love and Second Chances Novel by Katherine Glick

Reviewer: Annie

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


When Alex Plummer suddenly became a widow and a single mother at the young age of thirty, she swore she’d never love another man again. The pain from losing her husband had broken her heart beyond repair. But she carried on, and remained strong for her son. With time, she learned how to live a functional life again. She had everything she needed. A loving son, a promising career, and a best friend that put others to shame. And there was no room for anything or anyone else in her life. Period. Alex’s controlled lifestyle was contested when she met Nicky, her best friend’s cousin. They quickly realized their attraction to one another was different and beyond control. Like Alex, Nicky suffered a loss when his fiancé dumped him after his hockey career ended. He vowed to be alone, so he could heal from the pain of his break up. He wasn’t going to let another woman wreck his life again. When Alex and Nicky’s lives collided, they realized they had one thing in common…heartache. However, they were too stubborn to admit that they wanted and needed each other. Alex wasn’t looking to fill a void, so she closed her heart off. And Nicky didn’t want to trust another woman, so the idea of a relationship wasn’t even on his radar. They were determined to keep a safe distance from one another. But Fate had other ideas in mind for Alex and Nicky. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t go their separate ways. Can Alex and Nicky overcome their hurtful pasts, and accept love into their hearts again? Or will they continue to build walls to keep each other out? This is a sweet story about love and second chances.


Katherine Glick proves that she deserves a spot on our “To-Be-Read” Lists…and, in our Beach Bag’s this summer. I just love when I read an author’s first novel, and I am totally blown away. I am anxiously awaiting her next novels.

Alex Plummer has a wonderfully cozy life in Wilmington, NC with her husband, Aaron and son, Dylan. They have a dog, Brutus and a lovely home. Alex and Aaron met in college, married, had a son and were leading the life most people dream of.

Until the day Sheriff Williams and his partner knocked on her door to tell her that Aaron died in a car accident.

Then life was not so dreamy.  When your heart breaks wide open as Alex’s did on the day that Aaron died, things cannot ever be the same. Life will never be as cozy. Life cannot ever be so full of love….

Or, can it?

Can love enter your life twice? Can you truly be given a second chance?

And, if offered the second chance, would Alex even take it?

This is an engrossing story that will “tug” at your heartstrings.

5 Stars

#BookReview: Natalie’s Getting Married by Rosa Temple

Reviewer: Christy

I received a review copy

natalie's getting marriedSummary:

Career minded, Natalie Spencer, had never been in love. She could never understand what all the fuss was about. But when she met Jackson Humphries during Fresher’s Week at university, that all changed.
Utterly infatuated, Natalie quickly discovers the meaning of love and, before she knows it, she’s heading up the aisle – for the first time, that is.
This is a tale about four wedding dresses, a runaway groom and a girl who got so carried away, she couldn’t see true love staring her right in the face.


Natalie fell head over infatuation with Jackson as soon as she laid eyes on him during her freshman year of college. While admiring him from afar, she found herself chatting with Gabriel – an older university student who quickly would become her best friend. When Jackson finally notices Natalie sitting alone in the cafeteria, she finds out that he, too, has been admiring her. Their relationship blossoms, he proposes, and despite his mother’s opinion, Jackson and Natalie are planning a wedding.

But then…things change. Being left at the alter, Natalie vows to avoid another relationship for a while, and she chooses to focus on her photography career. As she grows and matures, the only constant thing in her life from her university days is Gabriel. Their friendship is put on hold as Gabe travels the world with his on-again, off-again girlfriend. Natalie is left to rebuild her life after Jackson – and the wedding that didn’t happen.

Down the street from her photography studio, Liam owns a vintage record shop. A chance meeting between them changes her mind about relationships and she trusts her instincts and agrees to go out with him. As their relationship grows, Natalie finds herself falling in love with a man who is perfect – buy may not be perfect for her. For the second time, a wedding is planned and another last minute surprise at the alter leaves Natalie unmarried yet again.

Natalie wants to be part of a couple so bad that she can’t see love that’s been right in front of her since her freshers day at university. But it may be too late for her and the one man who’s been there for her the whole time. Twice, Gabe has tried to blow caution to Natalie and her quick decisions to get married. When he finds that she’s engaged (twice!), he decided he can’t wait on her forever and moves forward with his own relationships.

Will love bring them back together in the end, or does Natalie’s rush for love leave no room for true love?

This was a great read by Rosa Temple. Fast paced and full of surprises, Natalie’s Getting Married was a true enjoyment to read!

5 Stars