Beach Body Challenge with Annie McDonnell – A Year of Transformation

My New Numbers are inspiring!!! (Week 11)

IMG_9612I have learned that weight is not the only important number for me to monitor. Inches are also very important.

My Physical Therapist told me that muscle weighs more than fat. I knew that, but somehow I forgot. They told me that they can feel my muscles and the increasing strength….So, I went home to see when the last time was that I measured my inches ~

I forgot that I measured myself on September 7, 2015….the Day my Transformation kicked-off! I was so excited!! I was going to measure myself again.

I am loving my new workouts at Physical Therapy. I am very sore, but the kind that lets me know I am working out properly. My muscles are finally speaking to me instead of my joints! This is amazing! I am going again today, and I am so excited! I am going every other day, and doing the exercises at home on my IMG_7719days off there.

                         I just took my new measurements and I am blown away!!!

Chest ~ +1 Inch
Right Arm ~ -2 Inches
Left Arm ~ – 2 Inches
Waist ~ Same
Hips ~ – TEN INCHES!!! (No wonder my pants are fitting me again!)
Left Thigh ~ -2 Inches
Right Thigh ~ -3 Inches



I am still eating well, and thankful that I love eggs. They make it easier to keep my diet in check. I am also eating a lot of tuna, spinach and kale. I find that I am more successful when I just repeat what I eat.

I am still doing the Beach Body programs in addition to the work out given to me by my Physical Therapist, because the “Slim in 6” is gentle.

Next week is Thanksgiving….Oh, My!

Beach Body Challenge with Annie McDonnell – A Year of Transformation


It took me 9 weeks to get to a 10 pound weight loss. I am holding strong at that number FOR NOW. I should have lost weight, but ONE meal did me in…(I believe)

EPIC FAIL: I went to dinner with my Uncle on Saturday evening, and I ordered ravioli with a chicken meatball. Either way, I now know that I need to count calories. That will begin tomorrow!

Using my Fit Bit again ~ Now that I am walking Simon regularly and going to my Wellness Program at Spectrum Physical Therapy, I am warming up my Fit Bit to help me make sure I meet my daily exercise goals. My Physical Therapist says that I need to start off very slowly…and, not to get discouraged, as it is typical to go up, go down, and even plateau. But, his Wellness Program is a huge piece of HOPE for me to finally get the working out part right!

I began the Beach Body “Slim in 6” this last week, and I am loving it. Since I cannot jump around like on the CIZE program (for now), I dance around the house…which is fun, too. At least I know I will not injure myself.

I did have to rest for ONE day, because I have tendonitis in my left ankle, and I had to get a Cortisone Shot.

NEW PLAN ~ One Day at a time!!!!

One thing I learned I cannot live without this week ~ Walking My Dog…Simon. Keeping up with his energy is infectious.

Positive Thinking. Another important aspect of this Challenge. Not giving up, is another one.

IMG_6831FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!  I have crossed off almost ONE Week of the “Slim in 6”, and, I am excited to continue this journey.

With the holidays coming, I am getting nervous about my success. I hope I can remain vigilant.

Please join me next week, where I will have been with the PT program for one full week!


This Weeks Total Tally:

Beginning Weight: 271.0

Present Weight: 261.0 (No Change)

Body Fat: 61.9% (Up 1%) SHOOTING FOR 30%

Total Body Water: 20.0 (WAY TOO LOW, no changes) SHOOTING FOR 55%

Muscle Mass: 27.7% (Down .4%) What I have read so far, states this should be at 35%.

3.6 lbs. of Bone Mass (no changes) THIS SHOULD BE 12%. I am not sure as to why this number is not changing.


Beach Body Challenge with Annie McDonnell – A Year of Transformation


(Week 9)

AnnieI FINALLY lost 10 pounds since I began my Year of Transformation (on Sept. 7th, 2015). That is an average of a little over 1 pound per week; but, I am hoping for about 2 pounds per week, so I need to step up my game!

Let’s see where I stand next week. I have a great feeling about making these changes. Each week I learn something new about myself !!! Mostly, what works for one person, does not work for everyone else. So, I am learning to tailor my diet and exercise to MY BODY. I bet at the end of this Transformation, I will know my body much better than I do today.

First, I would like to thank everyone that is following me on this journey, and cheering me on, and offering advice! It really helps keep me motivated.

GETTING TECHNICAL ~ While my Body Fat increased, my Muscle Mass also increased….I read that means that my fat is turning in to muscle. I am still learning what these numbers mean, and what the numbers SHOULD be. So, I will continue to do my research. My Total Body Water (TBW) is still at 20%. That has not changed since I first weighed myself on my new scale. This week I will try to move that number up, as it should be about 55%. If I can increase that, my Body Fat will go down.

Obviously I have a long way to go! I am glad I have another 43 weeks to improve these numbers. I also need to work on increasing my Bone Mass. That will require exercising more often, and doing the specific exercises needed to improve this number. I start working with my Physical Therapist soon, I am hoping they can share some information with me about this stuff.

It is so technical, I am getting a bit overwhelmed, I admit. But, I am proud to say I am learning so much.

I am feeling more “in-touch” with my body as each week passes.

Slim in 6I began the Beach Body “Slim in 6” this past week. I am so glad that I found this, as it is easier on my joints than anything I have found, no jumping around so far! Fingers Crossed!!! I am grateful for having purchased BEACH BODY ON DEMAND (BBOD)! I have so many exercise options to choose from. So, I am going to do 6 weeks of this workout. I am officially committing this “Slim in 6” journey TODAY. I highly recommend this BBOD to anyone that is looking for an exercise program, as so many are offered.

Let’s see if I can lose 25 pounds in 6 weeks!

I need to re-commit to walking Simon DAILY! We both need to walk! And, I need to remember that I have an exercise bike and lots of exercise equipment in my home. Gonna whip it all out!

Keep On Keeping On! I am still going to begin working out at the Physical Therapists gym. This is so that I can be monitored and be sure I am doing exercises that will not only help me lose weight, but be gentle on my joints. My evaluation is set up for next Wednesday. I had to move it to next week, because this past Wednesday I had a fever.

A little tid-bit about me: It is common for me to get a fever and have a feeling of generally being unwell or getting flu-like symptoms. For me to be motivated is difficult. But, I am WINNING! Between the Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and the Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID) I often feel defeated. I am fighting this one day at a time.

RA makes finding the right work out for me rather difficult. I am constantly in a flare, so my joints are injured rather easily. Doing exercises that are not gentle on my joints typically cause injury. Good news regarding my weight is that I am coming off of the prednisone, but I have been taking it for years, so it will take me about 3-4 months to get completely off of them. I cannot wait to be finished with these pills. They have helped with the RA, but caused other issues, like the weight I have gained. I know that has contributed to my weight gain, along with not making good food choices when I get that “starving” feeling that prednisone causes. Because of the prednisone, I have been diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome, which causes that “apple” body type, and a lot of other things. I have learned that the benefits of this pill does not outweigh the bad side effects.

MOVEMENT IS KEY: I want to show that even a person with several illnesses can take care of their body and feel better because of it. It always seems easier to just sit on the couch all day….but, that is no longer an option for me. IMG_9350

I need to MOVE IT, MOVE IT! (singing that song in my

This is a Battle I am taking on! and, this is a Battle I will win! I may have many physical ailments, but, I will not be defined by them anymore. I hope I inspire someone in my position to get moving. Just walking helps.

Simon is my Walking Buddy!

NEW Gadget: My husband bought me the “Dash Egg Cooker Deluxe”. I eat so many boiled eggs, and I would like to cook them all at once, and have them easier to peel. I can cook 12 eggs at a time, so that makes my meal prep super easy. I love my husband.Dash Egg Cooker Deluxe

I am still having my Rockin’ Wellness shakes daily, and watching what I eat. I have become addicted to tuna fish, as well. I have found that when my menu stays similar each day, I am much more successful. If I miss my green leafy veggies, I can feel it, so I am re-committing to that daily. When I eat properly, I feel so much better. I am amazed at the difference I feel. I have learned that good food is definitely FUEL FOR THE BODY…and eating the wrong foods, weight me down, and make me feel lazy. So, why do I ever eat something that is not good fuel for my body, you ask? This is changing, for sure!

NEW PLAN ~ So, I will be on a 6 week program with my Physical Therapist, Walking Simon and doing the “Slim in 6”.  Sounds like a plan that will show results! …but, I may have found it with the “Slim in 6”. I have printed out the calendar. BB always starts on a Monday, but I am starting today, and will still follow the same routine, I don’t want to wait until Monday.

One thing I learned I cannot live without ~

Green Leafy Veggies,as stated above, AND WATER! I am going to add them to each meal. Also, I need to drink 136 ounces of water a day. I will start REALLY trying that today. I have trouble drinking more than 80 oz. of water, so this week will be a challenge, but I am going to really put in the effort. I need to drink 6 jugs of my Infusion Water Bottle…that I am in love with it. I like infusing lemons or cucumbers..but, there are a lot of recipes. Live Infinity Water Bottle

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!  I printed out the 6 week calendar for “Slim in 6”, and will be sure to stick with it.

I cannot wait to check in next week, and I hope to see a lot of changes in my Total Tally numbers, at least in the Total Body Water. I think it is great to have this scale to monitor my progress. It is not always about the weight. Next week, I am going to measure myself again. At that time, I will let you know how those numbers are doing.

Please join me next week, Where we will see how I am doing at the “Slim in 6” and where my Total Tally numbers are!  and, I am getting back to reading the book “PUSH”, so I will share with you what I learn.

This Weeks Total Tally:

Beginning Weight: 271.0

Present Weight: 261.0

Body Fat: 60.9% (Down .6%) SHOOTING FOR 30%

Total Body Water: 20.0 (WAY TOO LOW, no changes) SHOOTING FOR 55%

Muscle Mass: 28.1% (UP .3%) STILL NEED TO RESEARCH. These numbers are different depending on where I look. I need to get a clear answer before noting anything here. What I have read so far, states this should be at 35%.

3.6 lbs. of Bone Mass (no changes) THIS SHOULD BE 12%. I am not sure as to why this number is not changing.

Definitely going to speak to my Physical Therapist about these numbers, and reach out to anyone that understands them better. If you read this and have any knowledge about these numbers, please let me know. As I learn about them, I am getting more “in the know” with my body. Which helps me choose the way I exercise.