Beauty Review: Garnier Moisture Rescue Cleaning Foam

I have been trying out Garnier products for awhile and have been having good luck, so when I needed a new cleanser, I picked up Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam. I actually have the moisturizer as well and really like it, so I figured why not the cleanser? I have to say, I have had really good luck with it. It definitely brings back moisture to my face––sometimes a little too much. I balance out this cleanser with another cleanser––Biore’s Ice Cleanser, and I have found the mix to be perfect for me. When my face is a little dry, I use Garnier, and when I look a little oily, I use the Biore. I definitely have combination skin, and with the seasons in Iowa it always varies. I think I have really found what works for me here! I would recommend the Garnier cleanser, unless you have really oily skin to begin with. If you, I would try Biore’s Ice Cleanser!

[Rating: 4]