#BookReview: Holly(Woods) by Naomi Laeuchli

hollywoodsHolly(Woods) by Naomi Laeuchli sounded interesting enough to give a read. The synopsis was brief but was still able to pull me in, lured by the world of celebrities and what might happen behind the scenes. Holly is our main character, but we do get insight from several others along the way. At first I had a little trouble connecting to the story. I didn’t really understand Holly’s motivation for moving to Hollywood, as someone who did not have a strong passion for acting or really any celebrity shenanigans in the past. It also seemed incredibly easy for her to simply move to LA and find immediate work as an actress, then a regular, on a popular show. But, if I were to look past that, the sub plot points were interesting and that’s what kept me in this one. The ending of the book in particular really started getting good, and I was a little surprised to see it end on such a cliff hanger.

Overall, I had a good time reading Holly(Woods) but certain areas that I specified above could have been fleshed out a little more for a smoother read. It was entertaining enough that I stuck with the book, and because of the ending I might pick up book two to see if we get the big mystery inside solved. If you enjoyed Holllywood-Lit this might be a fun one for you to pick up. It is also fairly light-hearted considering a murder plot point is a big part of the storyline. Interesting, but not a favorite for me.

3.5 stars

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Priceless by Nicole Richie

Charlotte Williams is a typical New York socialite, enjoying the finer things in life and being the apple of her father’s eye. But when darling daddy is taken to federal prison on embezzlement charges, Charlotte’s charmed life is suddenly in ruins. Cheated investors are after her, and even her household staff was duped by her father and questioning her about their money. Charlotte flees New York and finds comfort in the only person that can provide it for her–Miss Millie, the woman who helped raise Charlotte after her mother passed away. Charlotte tries to settle into her temporary life in New Orleans–making a new friend in the fashionista Kat, securing a job as a waitress, and possibly finding romance with Millie’s son, Jackson. But a stalker that set up an unpleasant website about Charlotte is not letting her find peace. He is determined to bring her down because of her father’s actions, and the threats are soon out of control.

Priceless is the follow-up novel from Nicole Richie after The Truth About Diamonds. This novel seemed more fiction to me than the first, where I was able to see parallels from those characters to Richie’s celebrity life. With Priceless, I was much more invested in the story and Charlotte’s troubles, even though I’m sure Richie relied on her socialite experience for some of the scenes. But casting the celebrity bit aside, I thought this novel was a fast read that entertained me throughout. The characters were well-written and made relatable, even though I am far from that social status. I thought Charlotte was very likeable, even though her character could have gone the other way, so I was really rooting for her throughout the whole story. More books like this from Nicole Richie will definitely not be a bad thing.

[Rating: 4.5]