#BookReview: Queen of Hearts by Kathryn R Biel

queen of heartsAbout the Book

And then they lived happily ever after …

That’s how all the fairy tales end, right? And certainly Maryn Medrovovich’s life is a fairy tale. It was love at first sight between her and Crown Prince Stephan. He didn’t care that she was a commoner, working multiple jobs to make ends meet after her father left the family in dire straits. He only knew he loved her and wanted to make her a princess.

But that’s where the fairy tale ends and real life begins. Being a member of the royal family isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, especially when your father-in-law, the king, only has interest in your ability to produce an heir. The mounting pressure to maintain a royal image and perform her royal duties become too much as Maryn realizes Stephan is not the white knight she once thought him to be.

Seeking solace in her childhood home, Maryn’s path again crosses with that of George Panagogus, her childhood best friend and first love. He really is a good guy. Too bad she shattered and stomped on his heart all those years ago. It’s time for Maryn to step up and start being her own hero. Will she finally get her storybook ending?

My Review

I have been having a great time reading the New Beginnings series from Kathryn R Biel, and was really looking forward to getting more of a peek into Princess Maryn’s life. I was actually a little disappointed that Maryn wasn’t quite as likeable as I thought she would be. She has some redeeming moments though that I was happy to read, and I did appreciate her love for Stephen, even through all their unique struggles. I actually wish this one would have been a little bit longer, as there were so many interesting plot twists and information I wanted to know on some of the supporting characters, but overall it was fun to read with an unexpected ending. On a whole I would recommend reading the series, but I did enjoy the first two books over this one.

4 stars

#BookReview: Once in a Lifetime by Kathryn R Biel

once in a lifetimeI have read from Kathryn R Biel in the past, and her books have always been such fun to read. I was so intrigued by the premise of Once In a Lifetime – a former girl group reuniting for a reunion concert. Um, yes please! The Sassy Cats is made up of Callie, Angie, Tabitha, Mandy and Daphne, and ten years after their breakup, each women has changed – and not all for the better. Readers get an insight to each character, their life currently, and how they decided to live post stardom. The women are not necessarily close after putting away their microphones, but all agree – if somewhat hesitantly – to do the reunion show. And that’s when things start to unravel.

Once in a Lifetime read pretty quickly, not only because of the fast moving storyline, but because it was simply fun to read. I did enjoy getting to know each of the characters, though some were more likeable than the others, and the build up to the end was rising with each chapter. Because there are five main characters and each one needed to tell their story, I found myself wanting just a little bit more from each one, or a little more back story explained throughout, but I understand having that many characters with fun stories means shortening up here and there. Still a very solid and fun chick lit book, that kept me invested throughout the story. Kathryn R Biel is a talented writer that I would recommend for chick lit fans.

4 stars

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