Best Sequel Nominees

The nominees for Best Sequel:

Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Sophie Kinsella

Something Blue by Emily Giffin

The First Assistant by Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare

Slightly Settled by Wendy Markham

Killer Cocktail by Sheryl J Anderson

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Killer Riff by Sheryl J. Anderson

9780312945893Molly Forrester has finally done it. No longer is she just an advice columnist, she has been promoted to a feature writer!  Her hard work and nose for investigating has been noticed by her publisher, giving her a well deserved advance on the career ladder.  Molly couldn’t be more thrilled, but wishes she had ex-boyfriend, NYPD homicide detective Kyle Edwards to share the joy with.

Her first assignment is keeping her more than busy. What seems like a simple article about the death of Russell Elliott, legendary rock producer and manger, turns out to be a much trickier case. The death is blamed on an accidental overdose, and nobody raises any red flags of suspicion, as overdoses are a common occurrence in the rock world. Except for one person- Elliott’s daughter, who has become convinced her father’s death was murder, and solicited Molly to help her find the killer.

 Molly has found herself stuck. Her job does not want her investigating a homicide; they want a simple, inside look at the life and career of Russell Elliott, not stirring up rumors of murder. But Molly’s sleuthing abilities and evidence of possible suspects makes it hard to resist, putting both her promotion and winning back Kyle at risk.

Killer Riff, the fourth book of Sheryl J. Anderson’s Molly Forrester series, delivers a powerful but still glamorous mystery, keeping the stylish and sexy characters alive with humor and wit. Readers will enjoy getting a behind the scene look at the powerful music industry, and the fast paced chick lit novel will keep you hooked until the end.

Killer Deal by Sheryl J. Anderson

dealThe ‘Sleuth in the City’ is back for more. Molly Forrester, our fashionable gossip column writing heroine, Molly Forrester, is still determined to make it as an investigative crime reporter. She gets another crack at it after getting the opportunity to interview the wealthy Gwen Lincoln, widow to Garth Henderson, advertising executive that was murdered.  Molly is determined to find the killer: is it Gwen, the bitter ex wife? Or did the murder have something to do with the rumored buyout that Henderson was working on with a rival advertising company?

Killer Deal, the third novel in the Molly Forrester series by Sheryl J. Anderson, again brings the mystery, fashion, and a slew of colorful characters and suspects. Molly’s boyfriend, sexy NYPD homicide detective Kyle Edwards wants Molly to stay away from the crime scene to keep her out of danger. Molly struggles to make her boyfriend happy and keep herself happy and pushing towards what she wants to do for a career.

I have to say that I  didn’t find Killer Deal quite as exciting and titillating as the first two novels, but I enjoyed following Molly’s story as she tries to get her byline while juggling her boyfriend and personal life. Anderson gives readers another light-hearted read that does an excellent job of mixing mystery and chick lit.