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Bio: Lennie Ross writes a blog on dating in Los Angeles called Lennie Ross Writes and works as a researcher, story editor, and story consultant for other screenwriters. Under a pseudonym, she wrote several screenplays for Playboy’s now defunct film division, Indigo Entertainment. She has also written several romantic comedy and suspense thriller feature film scripts. Her screenwriting credits include: writing and hosting a documentary on asthma; writing, producing, and starring in her own sitcom pilot, and writing and starring in her own play, I Think I’m Falling In Love With You. Lennie wrote two episodes of the Japan-Canada co-production animation series, Cyber- Six, and has had several TV movies optioned.

While pursuing a screenwriting career, Lennie has worked as a producer, talent agent and assistant casting director for roughly ten years. Prior to her adventures in the screen trade, Lennie wrote advertising copy for print and television, and fashion and travel articles for regional, national, and international publications including Beautiful B.C., Canadian Inflight, Adventure West, Pacific Northwest, Western Living and Vancouver Magazine.

Title: Blow Me

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Novel Spotlight: Blow Me by Lennie Ross

Lennie Ross is on tour with CLP Blog Tours and Blow Me

Blow Me is the story of three single women—each close to forty and living a life they have long outgrown. Aware that the women’s magazines of their youth sold them a false bill of goods about having it all—the amazing career, the baby, the house, the husband—each woman is desperate to achieve some sense of stability. Skylar, a hairdresser/executive assistant who lost her job and burned down her apartment after a fondue party, is living out of her car; Chloe, a struggling actress/real estate agent with a French Canadian accent who has never sold a house and doesn’t have her SAG card, struggles to get a Green Card; and Dawn, an MBA-educated dating matchmaker, is hedging her bets against the ticking clock by freezing embryos. Their lives are in chaos and their only hope is to be rescued through marriage or by a Hairy Godfather. Situated in the shallow world of Los Angeles, this provocative novel in the style of Sex and the City provides a humorous look at aging, dating, and being single in the new millennium.

See my review of Blow Me

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Blow Me by Lennie Ross

Lennie Ross is currently on tour with CLP Blog Tours and her novel Blow Me. This story follows three “friends” living in the very different world we call LA. Skylar works lazily as an executive assistant, not taking her job seriously until she is fired, burns down her apartment in the middle of foreplay, and is now living out of her car. Dawn is more practical, but doesn’t enjoy her job working as a matchmaker, setting up wealthy older men with young beautiful woman. She also feels her biological clock ticking, and decides to go through the process to freeze her eggs- right when she possibly meets Mr. Right. And Chloe is a wannabee actress, also working as a real estate agent, but has never sold a house nor gotten a role, and is on the verge of being detained if she can’t get her Green Card. All three women are in close to forty, lying about their ages, hoping for a better life, and waiting for a man to help them fix it. But can they figure out what they really want before it’s too late? And how do friendships survive in the land of frenemies and backstabbers, where jealousy reigns supreme?

I live in Iowa, and let me tell you- Blow Me really opened my eyes to what LA can be like for some people. Each character had a unique story and personality, and Ross writes with engaging humor that kept me focused on the plot. Skylar and Dawn take over in the middle, with Chloe kind of fading away, but Chloe’s reappearance at the end of the novel is hilarious and a nice way to tie up her story. Between Skylar and Dawn, I enjoyed reading about Dawn more because she seemed more down to earth and prepared about handling her own life. Skylar seemed to be just waiting for a hand out, but in the end she learns how to find her passion and that made for a great ending. The suspense lagged a little in the middle, but the humorous scenes made up for that and kept me entertained. I would warn readers that this is a pretty provocative novel, so keep that in mind if you enjoy more cookie-cutter reads. I hope Lennie Ross has another book for us soon, because I really enjoyed her writing style and I’m sure all the stories she has from living in Los Angeles will make more great characters!

[Rating: 4]