#BookReview: The Good Mother by Sinead Moriarty

the good motherThe Good Mother by Sinead Moriarty will make you cry. You might not cry easily, you might not get emotional over books, but I don’t doubt this books ability to make the tears flow. The story follows Kate and her family – three children and divorced husband – who are still adjusting to life in a broken home after the marriage dissolves via infidelity. But the harder news is just on the horizon – quickly on Jess, the middle child and only daughter in the family, is diagnosed with leukemia. The rest of the novel takes readers through her story, diagnosis, bone marrow transplant,  and so much more. It was very challenging to read long sections at a time, because it was so emotional and honestly, nearly painful to read. The writing was very raw and realistic to a mother losing her child, a friend losing her first best friend, and a young girl losing her life. I have read from Sinead Moriarty in the past and do not doubt her writing capabilities and the way she can bring characters to life, but I will say if you can’t handle intensely emotional scenes, I would not read this one. There really is no let up throughout the book, it’s scene after scene of tears and emotions and pain. I was also a little confused as to the title of the book, as I have seen it advertised as The Good Mother and also as Never Let You Go. But overall, a really wonderful, thought-provoking read, just at times a little too overwhelming for me.

4 stars

Reviewed for Readers Favorite