January 2014 New Releases

Contributor:  Allie

January is the month of resolutions and new beginnings.  For me, it’s also a month of hibernation with bowl games, NFL playoff games, warm fires and of course, curling up with good books.  If you managed to get through your 2013 to-read pile, here are few books that will be debuting in January.

first loveFirst Love by James Patterson – January 13, 2014.   Ah, first love.  Axi is a good girl who’s always followed the rules, until she impulsively embarks on a cross country road trip.  Her best friend Robinson, who she’s secretly in love with, comes along for the adventure.  Unfortunately, things on the road get out of control.  The book is being hailed as a moving story about the power of first love, which knowing Patterson, probably means something tragic happens.

out of warrantyOut of Warranty by Haywood Smith – January 14, 2014.  This may qualify more as Mature Lit than Chick Lit, but it still sounds like a hoot because Smith is a funny writer.  Cassie is a widow with a series of medical problems that require expensive treatments and medication.  Unfortunately, her insurance company deems it all experimental, so she’s out-of-luck.  The topic is certainly timely.  What’s a widow to do?  Marry for better health insurance, of course.  Only problem is, the dating world has changed quite a bit.  This leads to a “business arrangement” with a certain grumpy gentleman.  Oh, I hope it doesn’t come to this!

lost lakeLost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen – January 21, 2014.  Kate is a widow who is slowly waking up after sleep-walking through a year of grief.  Too late, she realized her mother in-law has taken over her life, and that of her eight year-old daughter.  After discovering an old post card from her family’s long-forgotten lake resort, Kate and her daughter escape to Lost Lake, where they meet a group of odd balls and misfits.  It soon becomes apparent that the guests of Lost Lake have secrets from their pasts and they’re all in need of some healing.

storm in a b cupStorm in a B Cup by Lindy Dale – January 24, 2014.  Sophie Molloy has breast cancer.  In a million years, she never imagined it would happen to her, or that it would so drastically alter her life.  She loses her boyfriend, her house and her best friend, which doesn’t provide a cancer patient with much needed optimism.  But there is Dr. Hanson, her gorgeous plastic surgeon.   Is there more to his bedside manner or is Sophie just desperate for some love and compassion?