#BookReview: In the Event the Flower Girl Explodes by Abby Rosmarin

in the event the flower girl explodesAbout the Book

It’s the wedding of the century. Her big brother – the man who was a second father to her after their dad passed – is the groom. And Nicole is fighting just to keep her head above water.

She’s surrounded by an aloof bride-to-be, a psychotic mother of the bride, ridiculous bridesmaids, and a town that feels like a parody of Americana. Her own family is perfectly fine with everything – with the exception of her wise-cracking cousin Ella, whose antics only serve to get Nicole even further into trouble. The wedding stress is invading all aspects of her life, including her own relationship. Nicole only wants what’s best for her brother – but what if that involves her brother leaving his fiancée at the altar?

As the wedding day approaches and tensions continue to rise, Nicole is forced to figure out what love, loyalty, and honesty mean – before it’s too late and she loses everyone she loves.

My Review

In the Event the Flower Girl Explodes by Abby Rosmarin sure caught my attention from the get go. Interesting title, a catchy cover, and I’m a sucker for a book about weddings. We follow Nicole, whose big brother Andrew is getting married. Nicole doesn’t mesh with Andrew’s fiancée Cora from the first meeting, and things only get more awkward and strained from there. It was difficult for me to understand from the get why Andrew was so secretive about his relationship with Cora. We get flashbacks of Nicole and Andrew and they seemed incredibly close, so I was confused why she didn’t know he proposed until she got the engagement party announcement. And that was really the theme for me throughout the story – I felt like I was always missing a chunk of information. And Nicole was hard to like for most of the story. She treated almost everyone around her quite poorly, and I was waiting for her to do something to redeem herself, but when she acted the way she did at the wedding rehearsal to her own brother, I knew then she wasn’t going to get the redemption I was really hoping for. I actually liked Rosmarin’s writing style – it was fast-paced and there were funny scenes and it kept my attention, but I felt like I was constantly questioning what I was reading. I kept going until the end because I figured it would all come together or finally make sense for me, and it really didn’t. I closed the book feeling more confused as ever.

2.5 stars

#BookReview: Queen of Hearts by Kathryn R Biel

queen of heartsAbout the Book

And then they lived happily ever after …

That’s how all the fairy tales end, right? And certainly Maryn Medrovovich’s life is a fairy tale. It was love at first sight between her and Crown Prince Stephan. He didn’t care that she was a commoner, working multiple jobs to make ends meet after her father left the family in dire straits. He only knew he loved her and wanted to make her a princess.

But that’s where the fairy tale ends and real life begins. Being a member of the royal family isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be, especially when your father-in-law, the king, only has interest in your ability to produce an heir. The mounting pressure to maintain a royal image and perform her royal duties become too much as Maryn realizes Stephan is not the white knight she once thought him to be.

Seeking solace in her childhood home, Maryn’s path again crosses with that of George Panagogus, her childhood best friend and first love. He really is a good guy. Too bad she shattered and stomped on his heart all those years ago. It’s time for Maryn to step up and start being her own hero. Will she finally get her storybook ending?

My Review

I have been having a great time reading the New Beginnings series from Kathryn R Biel, and was really looking forward to getting more of a peek into Princess Maryn’s life. I was actually a little disappointed that Maryn wasn’t quite as likeable as I thought she would be. She has some redeeming moments though that I was happy to read, and I did appreciate her love for Stephen, even through all their unique struggles. I actually wish this one would have been a little bit longer, as there were so many interesting plot twists and information I wanted to know on some of the supporting characters, but overall it was fun to read with an unexpected ending. On a whole I would recommend reading the series, but I did enjoy the first two books over this one.

4 stars

#BookReview: A Royal Affair by Amy Saunders

a royal affairAbout the Book

As crown princess of Lorencia, Desi can handle other royals, dignitaries, and celebrities without batting an eyelash. But Astin Gold, the suave heir to a hotel empire? No amount of diplomatic training prepared her for him.

Or the whirlwind media scandal she’s about to ignite with him.

Rumors swirl, and the pressure is on to deflect the attention. But Desi’s feelings for Astin only blossom, despite allegations that he’s using her for his own gain. As she dares to date him under the radar, it becomes clear someone close to her is behind the scandal. And their secret won’t stay secret forever.

As tensions rise, Desi must decide if Astin deserves her trust. And, more important, her heart.

My Review

I do love reading about royals, so I was looking forward to A Royal Affair by Amy Saunders. Princess Desi was immediately quite likeable – she didn’t come across as a spoiled royal, and actually felt pretty relatable throughout the story. The romance angles were interesting and the scandal that she gets involved in kept my interest, though I will say I didn’t quite get as invested into the book that I do with others. It wasn’t what I would consider fast-paced and sometimes I didn’t feel that strong pull to pick up my Kindle, but once I would start reading I would stay for several chapters at a time. Overall I still enjoyed the story and would recommend if you like a light romance with a royal twist, it just wasn’t a favorite.

4 stars

amyAuthor Bio

Amy is a sci-fi/mystery addict with a soft spot for humor and romance. She lives in Massachusetts, and loves to bake and watch movies.



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