#BookReview: The Seventh Day of May by Pippa Franks

Reviewer: Annie

I received a review copy

the seventh day of maySummary:

Jenna’s life may be dire, but it’s normal. Until a ghost shows up and causes chaos…

OCD sufferer, Jenna Croft has it all – a house that’s crumbling around her, bills high enough to rival the height of Mount Everest, and now it seems she’s acquired an accidental fiance too. Although she sees this as an answer to some of her problems, it also means Mona (The Mona) Mansfield is her prospective mother-in-law. Just when she thinks life can’t get any worse, ghost Alesha literally crashes into her life. It soon becomes clear Alesha’s being economical with the truth as to what she really wants from Jenna.

Jenna’s parents died five years ago – she blames herself. Alesha died in a separate accident on the same date – the Seventh of May. Her ex-boyfriend, Ben, blames himself too. When Alesha engineers a meeting between them, Jenna and Ben bond over their mutual guilt and immediate attraction.

Can Alesha convince them to let go of the baggage they carry around, which is heavy enough to stop even the biggest plane from leaving the ground? Or are they destined to shoulder the burden for eternity?


I was so excited to read this book by Pippa Franks, as I had recently enjoyed another story by her.  While this one was so different, it was just as engaging.  So begins my love of Pippa Franks!

Pippa introduces us to two characters who each lose loved ones in car accidents on May 7th…even though it was five years ago, Jenna still blames herself for her parents death, and Ben blames himself for his girlfriend, Alesha’s death.

What I enjoyed about this story was that Alesha comes back in the form of a ghost, and breathes new life in to these two characters.  I love a story with a bit of an unexpected twist!

This was a book that you will fall in love with and read right through to the end without any disappointments.  I love Pippa’s writing style, as you feel as though you are having a conversation with your friend Pippa that just has something she wants to tell you about.

There is a lot I can say….but, I chose not to give away much of anything….it will make this book even more enjoyable if you uncover its secrets one page at a time.  I hate previews that give away the whole movie…if you know what I mean!

Excellent Story Telling!

5 Stars