The Way by Kristen Wolf

The strikingly thought provoking and powerful debut novel, The Way by Kristen Wolf, follows young Anna, a fiery tomboy with a curious appearance. Her father uses this and sells Anna disguised as a boy to a band of shepherds when tragedy strikes her family. Once in their company, she is then captured by a mystical and secret group of women hiding in the desert- and it is there that she learns “The Way”, an ancient philosophy that unleashes an unknown power within her. She uses the power to heal, but mainly for other purposes once the sisters cave becomes threatened. Left with no choice, Anna leaves the caves on a mission and shares her new found knowledge and wisdom of “The Way” with everyone she meets along the way.

This book is absolutely unforgettable. Inside, author Kristen Wolf, uses her imaginative and beautifully descriptive story telling to weave a tale so engrossing that it leaves you breathless and wanting more. Anna is faced with many trials throughout the book, some more shocking than others, but through it all, you witness one of literature’s noblest transformations and a shocking revelation that will leave you thinking well after you’ve finished the book. I absolutely loved the suspense, as well as the enchanting mix of history and fantasy that are weaved throughout the tale. Overall, a fantastic read. I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good piece of literature. I don’t think I could rave anymore about this book … truly one of a kind.

[Rating: 5/5]