Voices on the Waves by Jessica Chambers

This is a review for Jessica Chamber’s blog tour with CLP Blog Tours!

Faye Wakefield runs a competition at her beautiful farmhouse in Cornwall, offering a two-week vacation for nine lucky guests. The guests don’t know they are in a competition, they think they have just won a lucky stay, but Faye has another plan up her sleeve. As the days go by and the nine guests begin to know each other, Faye keeps a sharp eye out on them. Who will she pick as the winner of her mysterious competition? Patrick O’Leary- the Irishmen who can’t seem to stop drinking whisky? Sweet mannered Leah Shaw, who is hiding behind her own pain and keeping a big secret?

Voices on the Waves by Jessica Chambers is a unique story about a large amount of people all trying to find their way. Each character has their own background and story, and it was fascinating watching them all unfold throughout the pages. I felt a bond with all ten characters, which is hard to achieve, but somehow Chamber’s makes each of them shine in their own light. The ending had me tearing me up a bit, but I found this story to be touching and inspirational. I hope there might be another book in the works so readers can meet up with some of the cast again!

[Rating: 4]

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