Willow Pond by Carol Tibaldi

Carol Tibaldi is currently on tour with CLP Blog Tours and Willow Pond. I was really curious about this book as it is set just after the Roaring Twenties, an era that I am in love with. Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times I have dressed up as a flapper for Halloween or costume parties. I love it! The story revolves around the kidnapping of Laura’s infant son, Todd. Snatched out from under the nanny’s nose, Todd’s kidnapping makes headline news because his father is a famous movie star and Laura is a popular author. Laura’s Aunt Virginia is also infamous as one of New York’s toughest and most successful speakeasy owners, and is known to be flourishing in the bootlegging business. After Todd is taken, eyes turn to Virginia, who may know more about the abduction than she is letting on. A new romance in Laura’s life also shakes things up in her world, but her most important quest is getting Todd back. Will she ever be reunited with her son?

The story started off a bit slow for me. There was a lot of changing of POV’s, which threw me for a loop. I think a few could have been eliminated, and it could have been much easier to follow. I did really enjoy the ending though. A lot of action started happening and I found myself flipping pages quickly to try to keep up with the storyline. I think the writing could have been a bit tighter as a whole, and there were a few scenarios that could have been cut out completely, letting the story move along quickly throughout, but a good debut novel nonetheless.

[Rating: 3.5]

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