Yoga Apparel Spotlight: Fractal9

I am so excited to welcome Christine from Fractal9 on CLP today! You may have seen my yoga adventures via The Cheeky Chicks, and it is allowing me to meet some amazing new people and products, including Fractal9. I have a quick interview with Christine that proves how awesome she is, so be sure to check out her fabulous designs!

fractal91) Why create Fractal 9? How did you choose the name? 

I created Fractal 9 because it allowed me to merge my two passions together, sewing and yoga!

The name was tricky and took a while to come up with! Fractals are patterns that occur in nature (snowflakes, leaves, etc) and since the majority of the fabrics I use have bright, bold patterns, I thought it fit well. My husband had the idea to add a number!

2) What is it about Fractal 9 clothing that stands apart from others?

I think the biggest aspect of my company that sets me apart from others is my customer service. I have open communication with every customer and listen to their wants and needs. Every item in my shop is custom made, I have no stock on hand. That means each piece is completely customizable to your specifications, at no extra charge! After transactions have been completed I still ensure a strong communication with customers and even offer alteration services if need be. Plus since I am still working on a small scale with no employees other than myself, I think my customers love knowing that when they contact me, they’re contacting the shop owner, designer, and seamstress!

3) Can you give us an idea of what the design process is like? 

Oh I LOVE this question because this is my absolute favorite part about the business! First there is sketching and a quick run through in my head of how the design would be constructed. Then, before I spend hours fine tuning patterns, I research fabric options; this part is also very time consuming but so much fun! I always order small quantities of fabrics first, so that I can make the items for myself and test the comfort, fit, durability, opaqueness, etc. Once I know I’ve got a solid design and I approve of the fabrics, I sit down and draft all the patterns.

4) After the design process, you create the clothes! You do all the sewing in your home studio, which is incredible! How did you learn this, and do you create other clothing besides a yoga line?

I first started taking sewing lessons when I was 9 and continued into high school. During that time I made everything from clothes, to quilts, to accessories! All throughout my twenties I took the passion I had for my “hobby” (more like obsession!) and worked as a seamstress for the public, which is totally different from just sewing for yourself and friends! I worked at bridal shops making wedding gowns and formal wear, for an interior designer making custom window treatments and bedding, and for several alteration shops. I wanted to learn every aspect of sewing! I also used to teach sewing lessons from my home full time.

Nowadays, running Fractal 9 pretty much takes up all my time (no complaints!) so I don’t sew as much for myself. But I would love to incorporate a whole line of “everyday chic wear” in the future! I have the designs all drawn up!

fractal925) What made you love yoga?

I love yoga because it’s soothing to the mind and body, it’s not a competition, and that there are no set goals; it’s just a continuing journey.

6) What is your best advice for someone new to the practice?

Take your time! Everyone is at different places in their practices so there should be no comparisons. Don’t push your body to do something it’s not ready to do yet.

7) Where is your clothing available for purchase, and where we can find Fractal 9 online?

Fractal 9 is available for purchase through my Etsy shop ( and you can connect with me on Instagram (@fractal.9) and Facebook (


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