Book Review: Miss Taken by Cleo Scornavacca

Reviewer: Andrea


I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

The Summary:

Love……………………The Ultimate Loss of Control Rain and Raven Medici are identical twins. Although they come from a loving close-knit family their childhoods couldn’t have been more different. Raven went to school and was exposed freely to the outside world. Rain on the other hand was born with a blood disorder and denied many normal childhood experiences. Once grown, Raven becomes a lawyer at their dad’s firm Kane & Medici in NYC. Rain along with her only childhood friend Tommy Conte, builds a very successful business as professional photographers. Traveling between Europe and Manhattan, and enjoying a world that was kept from her, Rain vows never to be controlled again. Dominick Kane is a product of his upbringing. He’s powerful, self-assured and knows he can achieve anything he desires. Nothing gets in his way. There is only one thing he has ever failed at. A relationship with his father Vincent Kane. Upon his father’s death, Dominick vows revenge. The events he sets in motion put him on a collision course he himself will be unable to control. In a bizarre twist of fate, Dominick kidnaps Raven as part of his plan for revenge. Only to discover afterward, he has taken Rain by mistake. Rain knows she can never survive being confined again. So she strikes a bargain with the devil and agrees to help Dominick get back what he feels rightly belongs to him. His father’s share of Kane & Medici. Dominick decides to use the strong attraction growing between Rain and himself to control her in every way imaginable. Too bad no one ever taught Dominick you can’t control the heart. Nothing could have prepared him for the effect Rain would have on his. Will this plan of revenge turn into unconditional love? Or will Dominick and Rain’s need for control ultimately destroy them and any possible chance for a real future together…….

The Review:


A jealous corporate man with control issues. A needy woman with a desire to be controlled. Private yachts, expensive cars, jetting around the world. Sound familiar? Fifty Shades of Grey seems to have permeated into every contemporary romance, and Miss Taken is no exception.  Aside from the twin aspect of the plot, I’m sorry to say that I found this one boring. I feel that I’ve seen this story many times and with stronger execution.  

Rain is supposed to be in her mid-thirties but acts completely childish. She is forever crawling into some man’s lap (different men BTW) and seems to enjoy being called “baby” ad nauseum (also by different men). When she’s kidnapped, she uses her smuggled phone to call her best friend, not the police. If you are kidnapped and are lucky enough to have a phone in your possession, call the police! If you are dumb enough to waste the opportunity by calling your BFF, you deserve to be kidnapped and possibly culled from the human herd. I mean really!

Another huge issue I have is the lack of general knowledge Rain and Dominick have about each other. Supposedly, Dominick vetted his intended target, Raven, Rain’s twin sister, but he didn’t realize she had a twin. Dominick is the son of their father’s lifelong business partner, but he doesn’t know this important information? Speaking of which, it’s illogical to think Rain wouldn’t know about Dominick as well. She’s completely clueless about the son of a man she counted on like a father, a man who was more consistently in her life than her father? I don’t buy the whole “he was adopted and raised in Europe” soap opera plot twist.

The most troubling part of the novel is the lack of proofreading. I truly hope I received an ARC, and this is not what is for sale to the general public. The errors are too numerous to count between the verb tense changes and the missing words. I grew so tired of the errors that I began skimming text. Even the blurb on Amazon has errors.

2 Stars


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