#BookReview: Beyond the Lens by Hannah Ellis

beyond-the-lensBeyond the Lens by Hannah Ellis was an immediate attention-grabber. It’s very quick to the point – Lucy Mitchell loses her job and her sense of reality for a brief moment – and while her guard is down, she gets asked to partake in a reality show . . . in Spain. Still reeling from the news of her redundancy and her mother telling her to be more adventurous, Lucy says yes and is immediately whisked onto a plane with a camera in her face and a lot of strangers turned roommates to try to befriend.

The actual filming of the reality show was so fun to read. It doesn’t seem like the typical reality show – the cast mates get along, drunken hook-ups are to a minimum, and the cast actually overhears the director calling them boring and being worried the show won’t air. Lucy has an excellent time with her vacation, partaking in challenges with her new friends and even catching the eye of cameraman Adam. But once filming is wrapped and they head back home, a new reality awaits. Turns out the show already aired, and it’s a very different reality from what actually happened during the week of filming. Lucy is portrayed horribly on screen, and the public is out to remind her of that whenever she steps out. She goes into hiding, and her once budding romance with Adam comes to a halt. Until. . . the twist that I didn’t even see coming!

Beyond the Lens by Hannah Ellis was so incredibly fun to read. From jet-setting to Spain to being just as confused as Lucy with the reality show, I was hooked. The twist definitely surprised me, but even after that big reveal, the story doesn’t just end. We still get a little more of a glimpse into Lucy’s life and her new beginning. I also see this is a part of a series, and I eagerly await a new book!

5 stars

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